“Why would that matter?” Henni asked as she looked at the two men.

“A crime of passion often has lesser charges,” Mack said as he looked at his wife. “Because passion can blind you from the way you normally would act. It is like a temporary, momentary insanity. You can do many things if you have that extra bit.”

“I see,” Henni said as she looked at the two.

“We need to go over what he does know and what he doesn’t,” Max said as he looked at the two. “This is going to take a while.”

“Then we should get started,” Henni said as she sat down and then started to thinking. She was filtering the conversations with Matt that she had and the ones she overheard Mack have with him. Soon she was listing the questions and the information that the two had given him. She was rather quick about it, and Max was even more impressed with the woman. He had recorded the whole thing as he knew he would need to go back and list

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