Chapter 5- Red Lace Thong


I woke up with strong arms wrapped around my tiny waist, I tried to get out of this strong grip but it only made the mysterious person's arm cling onto me even more. I touched the hand of this person when something went through me, it was like lightning and butterflies erupted in my stomach. 

"Sky, stop moving," the man said with a husky familiar voice.

"Ew get your gross filthy vampire hands off of me," I screamed. BANG, the door hit the wall and someone appeared through it.

"I heard a scream, what happened?" I looked up to see Jaxson. Aspen removed his arms from my body and I felt relieved but I kind of also missed his touch along my skin.

"He was touching me," Jaxson shook his head while laughing and then walked out the room closing the door behind him. Aspen turned his face towards me, I examined all his features and fell in love with it. His dark brown hair which was messy, his jawline which was super sharp and his eyes which you could totally fall in love with. Wait what! Shut up Skylar, he is a vampire. But he has been so sweet to me and he is so dreamy. Are you forgetting the fact that he bit you, threatened me and he can hear you so shut up and stop embarrassing us.

"Thinking about me again?" He said snapping me out of my thoughts. "So, I was thinking that maybe we could go and get your clothes and stuff from your house and then go to the mall so you can buy stuff to decorate your room," he told me while smiling at the end. Gosh he has an amazing smile and his teeth are perfect and they- wait why am I talking about his teeth. Gosh Skylar you are so weird.

"Thinking about me again princess?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

"You wish," I said while hitting me and those butterflies were back again.

I got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower when I realised, I didn't have any clothes. "Aspen, I don't have clothes to wear," I told him.

"Right, I'll go to Aurora's room and see if she has anything that would fit you," he said getting out of his bed. I walked into the bathroom removing his shirt leaving me in my undergarments, I looked through his draws to see if he has a spare tooth brush which I managed to finally find. I started brushing my teeth when the bathroom door handled turned.

"I'm not dressed don't come in," I screamed so he could hear me.

"Relax it's me," a feminine voice said. The door opened to reveal a girl who looked exactly like Aspen. "I'm Aurora, Aspen's little sister," she introduced.

"Skylar," I said putting my hand out. She shook at the fact I had my hand out and pulled me into a tight hug.

"I hope we can be best of friends," I nodded at her. "Oh, here are your clothes, they should fit you. I don't think I would have any undergarments that would fit you since your boobs look bigger than mine but this thong should fit you, if you need me my room is right in front of Aspen's." She said giving me the clothes then walking out.

I locked the door just in case Aspen walked in and then got into the shower, washing everything twice as Aspen had put his filthy vampire hands on me. I got out of the shower putting on the clothes Aurora had given me; it was a white dress that had blue flowers at the bottom and was paired with some white sandals. I walked out the bathroom after putting all my dirty clothes into Aspen's laundry basket, I looked to see Aspen on the bed on his phone. I walked towards his door and to the door opposite knocking then entering. 

"Hey girl, OMG you look hot and you have the perfect body. Okay now for your hair and makeup," she said putting me into a chair and started on my hair. 

Aurora curled my hair and then started on my makeup. Once she was finished, I looked in the mirror, I looked beautiful and looked different than normal. "Thanks Aurora, I owe you big time," I said hugging her.

"Okay, let's go down for breakfast."


I heard the door slam shut indicting either someone had left or had entered, I looked to see no one and the bathroom door open so it must've been Skylar. I walked to my closet choosing a clean pair of clothes and walking to the bathroom and getting into the shower. Once I had gotten out the shower I put on my clothes, a plain white t-shirt, a black flannel, grey skinny jeans with some black high-top converse. I styled my hair and then walked downstairs for breakfast. 

"Good morning" I said to my family then going to sit into my seat.

I noticed Aurora and Skylar were not here. "She's not here yet," Jaxson read my mind.

"Sorry we're late," Aurora said.

I looked behind her to see Skylar and she looked beautiful, she came and sat next to me. "Guys this is my soul mate Skylar, Skylar that is my mom, dad and that is Aurora's mate Daniel," I introduced.

"Nice to meet you sweetie," Mom said smiling at her.

"Nice to meet you too your majesty," Skylar said quietly.

"Oh, sweetie you don't need to call us that you can call me Elizabeth and my husband Zakariya," mom told her.

Our breakfast had just arrived and we all dug in, I took Skylar's plate from her and started loading it with food since I knew she didn't eat last night and she would be hungry. Once I had finished my food I burped and excused myself and Skylar from the table. 

"I'm just going to grab my phone and I'll be back Aurora will take you to my car," I said handing her my car keys. I ran towards my room grabbing myself a jacket, my wallet and my phone putting them into my pockets and running back to Sky and Aurora. I looked to see Sky in the passenger seat and Aurora at the back with Daniel. "Daniel, I didn't know you were coming," I said with a smile.

"Well, I didn't either, Rora dragged me with you," he chuckled.

Daniel was one of my best friends, I didn't like it when I found out that Aurora was Daniel's soul mate but I eventually got used to it. Skylar handed me the keys to my car and I started it. My car was a Bugatti, I have lots of cars but this one is my favourite. I started to drive down to Sky's house when I saw her sitting quietly, I put my hand on her thigh.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked her.

"I've never lived away from my parents and I don't even know you and I'm moving into a house with you," she said quietly.

"Hey, look it's okay, how about we go on a date on Friday and we can get to know each other." She nodded slightly.

As soon as we had reached her house, I parked in her drive way and got out the car rushing to her side to open the car door, Aurora and Daniel stayed in the car while I talked to Skylar's parents. 

"Mom, dad, Hunter I'm home!" Skylar screamed.

"Oh my, sweetie where have you be- Sky who is this?" A lady smiled.

"Mom, dad, Hunter this is Aspen the prince, my mate. Aspen this is mom, dad and Hunter my brother." She introduced.

"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Mitchell." I spoke.

"Oh please, call us Freya and Caleb." Freya spoke.

"Mrs Mitch- sorry Freya, I came here with your daughter because as she told you she is my soul mate, so I've come to ask for your permission if she could stay with us at the castle so she would be under my protection." I said politely.

"No," Caleb and Hunter spoke at the same time.

"Shut up honey, yes she can," Freya said giving me a smile and a glare at her son and husband.

"Fine, but there are some rules, no touching my girl, no kissing her, no sleeping in the same bed and if you hurt her, I have a gun and I wouldn't want to waste the bullets on you." Caleb warned.

"Yes sir," I gulped.

Skylar dragged me up the stairs and into her room, she pulled out the suitcases and boxes and started loading them in with her stuff. I walked to the drawers and opened the first to see her lingerie.

"Sky, when will I be seeing you in this?" I said holding up a red lace thong.

"Never," she blushed taking it out of my hand, "can you just put my shoes into one box please."

I super sped and did all the stuff she told me to pack including the rest of her stuff in 1 minute I stood there smirking at her.

"Show off," she said.

"come on, go sit in the car I'll bring everything," I told her.


By the time I had gotten down the stairs, hugged my family, dad giving me a lecture and then going into the car Aspen had done putting the stuff into a car which was not his, I looked to see Jaxson with another car and loading all my stuff into it. "Jax is taking your stuff to the castle and into your new room," Aspen said reading my mind.

"So, hello from the other side," Aurora and myself sang while Aspen and Daniel were groaning at our out of tune singing. "Shut up Adele is bae," Aurora said making them shut up. Once we arrived to the mall, we all got out of the car, Aspen had told us that him and Daniel wouldn't be with us but they would be joining us later on.

"Here," Aspen said handing me his card, I gave him a confused look, "I don't want you spending your money and I want to spoil you." 

I look the card out of his hand and walked towards Aurora who was currently with Daniel. She gave him a hug then we walked away. We first went into forever 21, which was my absolute favourite shop, I picked up dresses, shorts and some tops. We then went to H&M, we decided we would choose each other outfits and then we would go into the changing rooms and try them on to see if we liked them. Once we were done, we met at the changing room, swapped clothing and walked into the same changing room. Oh, don't judge us we are both girls and we have actually become really close. Me and Aurora actually had the same style so we ended up buying the outfits. 

"Hey Aspen gave you his card why aren't you using it?" Aurora asked me.I didn't use his card at all, I felt bad that he wanted me to buy stuff with it and I didn't like it when people spent money on me so I couldn't use his money.

"It's fine I have my own money," I replied back to her.

Aurora got a phone call from Daniel telling us to meet them two at the food court. We started walking towards the food court when we heard wolf whistles, we turned around to see two guys walking up to us, one had brown hair and a super sharp jawline and the other had blonde hair.

"Hey cuties, I'm Jace and this is Jai," the brown haired one said.

"Aurora and Skylar," Aurora quickly said flashing them a smile.

"Well do you guys want to get out of here and come over to ours?" Jai said.

"No, they don't since they have boyfriends," I heard a familiar voice behind.

I turned around to see Aspen standing there with an angry look on his face, suddenly his eyes started turning black which made the two guys in front of us turn away and run. 

"Sky you need to calm him down," I gave her a confused look.

I looked at Aspen and he looked like he was going to kill someone so I touched his arm and kept talking to him but nothing was working. I pulled his face down and attached his lips to mine, butterflies went crazy in my stomach and I felt safe in his grip. Aspen slowly started to kiss back which meant he had cooled down; this was my first kiss and I was glad it was with Aspen.

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