Chapter 6 - Date


I woke up in my bed, it was comfortable but not as comfortable as it was in Aspen's room, oh how I missed being in his arms during the night, it made me feel safe and protected. I shook off my thoughts and walked into my bathroom, I have been staying at the castle for a while now and so far, it had been going well, surprisingly everyone here was friendly and welcoming. Today, Aspen had decided to take me out on a date, it was our first date and I wanted to look good so Aurora decided it would be best to help me. I quickly took a shower, washing everything and then hopping out. I dried my body and slipped on my undergarments, I walked out my bathroom to see Aurora sitting on my bed.

"Damn girl, you have the perfect body." She whistled, "just wait until you get into the dress, I picked out for you."

“Are you sure it’s suitable for our date?” I asked looking at the dress she was now holding up.

“Yes, I spoke to Aspen and this is the perfect dress.”  I smiled and walked towards my vanity, sitting on the chair allowing Aurora to start my hair. I watched as she lost control and worked with my hair, curling each strand. I slowly stood up after she put make up onto my face, looking at myself in the mirror. I looked beautiful, the make-up was not too much and it was not too less. The door suddenly opened and in came Aspen, I looked at his eyes to see them turning black, I hadn’t realised I was practically naked until Aurora coughed, making me run into the closet. "He's gone," Aurora said after a while.


The view of my half naked mate's body, was the best view I had seen in my entire life. I heard the cute sound of her high-pitched shriek making her run into her closet. I let out a chuckle, giving Aurora an amused smile, all she did was point to the door. I walked back out of Skylar's room and into mine which was just the room next to my beautiful mate's.

"Aspen baby, I missed you!" He eagerly said as he jumped of the bed and hugged me.

Everyone meet Jason McCann, he has been my best friend since kindergarten, I kind of saved him from getting beaten up by a girl. Yes, little Jason almost got beat up by a girl. In my defence it was very funny but it was very mean to just watch so I had to help. So that's how I met Jason, he has been my best friend ever since. It gets annoying sometimes because he is exactly like an annoying pimple growing on your face, he just never goes away.

"Ew Jason get off of me." I said pulling him off me.

"How about we go and have some Jaspen time?"

"No, I have to get ready," I said walking into my closet and fishing out a black dress shirt and black jeans.

"Oooh, where is little Aspen going?" Jason cooed pinching my cheeks.

"Sometimes I regret saving you from getting beaten up by Angus in kindergarten."

"So where are you going?" he ignored my comment.

"On a date," I said putting on a clean pair of boxers. Okay I know what you are thinking. No, I am not gay. Me and Jason have seen each other naked before, it's natural for us. I mean we have the same body parts, so why not?

"OH, MY JESUS, DID WITTLE ASPEN FINALLY FIND HIS MATE?" he cooed and yelled at the same time.

I mumbled a yes and walked back into my room, putting on my shirt, skinny jeans and my black boots. I styled my hair, by styled I mean running my hand through it and put on my black leather jacket before leaving my room with Jason on my trail.


I finished my look by strapping on my nude heels. My outfit consisted of a white long dress, I walked out of my room, following Aurora down the stairs. As I descended down the stairs, I noticed Aspen was stood at the bottom, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him, he looked sexy. I would so let him fuck me now. 

"Nice to know you think of me that way baby girl," Aspen whispered into me ear sending shivers down my spine. "By the way you look hot too."

I blushed and followed him into his matt black Lamborghini. He ran towards the passenger side opening the door for me, once he closed my door, he ran in front of the car and into the driver's side. He rested his enormous hand on my thigh as he drove and honestly it felt so good but the feeling disappeared as he took his hand of me. 

"You need to put this on," he said giving me a bandana. 

I gave him a look but sighed once he pouted at me, which looked incredibly handsome. I put it on trying not to mess the make-up Aurora tried so hard on. The car finally came to a stop, I heard the car door open and close and then the door to my side opening. Aspen helped me out of the car and lead me to where we were going.

"Aspen, don't let me fall," I whispered.

"Never baby girl," he whispered back sending shivers down my spine.

We walked for a bit; I could feel my heels sinking into something as I was walking. So, either I was at the beach or we were in the woods, I just hoped we were not in the woods. I had a phobia of the woods ever since I was chased by a dog when I was younger. I felt Aspen let go of my hand and soon his presence was also gone. 

"Aspen?" I whispered.

"Baby, you can take it off now." I tugged on the bandana letting it slowly come of my eyes, I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful view. There were white lanterns on the trees with fairy lights, from tree to tree, and in the middle, there was a table for two with a candle in the middle. Aspen took my hand and lead me to my seat, a waiter came and served us our food, it was pizza.

"Aspen, you seriously got us pizza," I laughed.

He chuckled and we both dug into the food, might I say that was the most amazing pizza I have ever had. After we had eaten the entire pizza, Aspen took my hand and took me towards the second part of today’s date. The sky was pitch black and all you could see were the stars. Aspen stopped at a lake and lied down on the lake's bridge, he patted down next to him indicating he wanted me to lie next to him. I looked at him like he was crazy but finally gave in. 

"My granddad used to bring me here when I was younger, I used to come here every day but stopped when he died. It used to help me think about stuff," he told me looking upset about something.

"Thank you for bringing me here Aspen, I really appreciate it." I kissed him.

We lied down on the floor, sat in silence looking up at the stars. "The view is beautiful," I told him.

"I know." I looked at him to see he was staring at me.

I chuckled and blushed, looking back up at the stars. After some time, a loud yawn was escaped from my lips. "Come on baby girl let's take you home."

Aspen picked me up and took me to his car, by picking me up I mean he actaully picked me up and ignored my constant pleading of him to let me down because of how I don't like to be carried bridal style. The minute he had buckled me and himself up he started his car and drove towards the castle. As soon as we got back to the castle, me and Aspen got out the car and made our way inside. 

"Aspen I have a question," he nodded towards me, "When are you going to become king?"

"Once we have completed our bond, it's in the vampire culture that the king has to rule with his queen by his side, well I had a great time so I'll see you tomorrow"

"Aspen, stay with me." I said looking up at him.

We walked hand in hand into my room, I let go of Aspen's hand and walked into my bathroom. I couldn’t help but think about what he had just told me, was I ready to be queen, queen of all vampires?


"Aspen, stay with me." I heard my beautiful mate say.

We walked hand in hand into her room, she then released my hand and strolled into her bathroom. I watched as she swayed her hips trying to tease me, I was so going to get her back for that. I walked into her closet and took out a pair of my sweatpants, don't ask why I left my sweatpants in Skylar's closet. I went and sat on Skylar's queen size bed, I personally got her a queen size bed because she is a queen, Go Aspen! I heard the bathroom door click indicating that she was going to come out. I snapped my head up to see Skylar's beautiful body in the red lingerie I asked her about when we were at her house.

 I felt my vampire, Vladimir, coming to the surface but I learnt to control him because I didn't want to complete my bond with Skylar without her consent. Skylar walked towards me giving me a seductive smile, my eyes flickered down to her lower area then towards her hip, where there laid the mark of an angel. I knew that mark from somewhere but I wasn't able to put my finger onto it. Skylar was now much closer to me and she was about to sit on top of me when I pushed her off and ran out the room. That mark, I know that mark from anywhere. Maya! Was the only word that went through my mind before Vladimir came to surface and took over my body.

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