Chapter 11- Hospital


1 week of Skylar gone, 1 week of Vladimir gone, 1 week of me feeling the pain Skylar is in and 1 week of her not next to me sleeping. The thought of Skylar gone makes me want to kill myself because of all the pain she is going through, because I was selfish enough to not put any guards with her and made her take useless Jason instead. I've been searching for Skylar non-stop, I have Jason, the idiot, hacking into her phone trying to find her location. I have guards out during the day and night looking around town trying to find her. And me? Well I've been sat in my office moping at the fact that the love of my life is gone and is in pain. I haven't eaten, showered or slept in 1 week, who knew a girl could have this much of an effect on me. 


SLAP! My cheek was now t

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