Chapter 16- Man Period



“You’re a whore, Skylar, no one would ever love you.” I screamed as he thrusted himself into me, “You’re so lucky to have me Skylar, no one would treat you as nice as I do.” after he was done pleasuring himself, using me, he laid down beside me.

Tears ran down my face, he had raped me, he had just taken my virginity. The boy who I thought I loved, Tristan, who I thought was the nicest guy, had just raped me. “I could never love you.” I cried.

“You will love me, no one can ever have you, you are mine.” He growled, straddling over me, strangling me. I clawed his chest as I struggled to breathe, my legs fighting, kicking him. “You bitch.” He cried out in pain, rolling off of me, clutching onto his penis. I took this opportunity to run, running like hell.


I jolted up awake as the past retu

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