Garden of Artemis

I am lying flat on the ground, with my face a couple of inches away from the brown animal, his brown eyes staring into my green ones. Everything and everyone is still. It is oddly quiet, the silence of the night only broken by a terrifying howl.


 My eyes open into the morning light. Was I dreaming? No, I was not dreaming. I was recalling the events of last night.

 It was all real, all of it. The inhuman physical strength, the murders, and the transformation...

 They are werewolves.

 There I said it. Not that saying it makes it any better or believable. This is just so hard to believe. These things do not exist in real life. There is a reason it is called fantasy.

 I am a bag of mixed emotions. Terrified; confused and, more than anything else, I am hugely fascinated.

After all, whatever I know about werewolves is from the teen novels and movies.

 I know after last night that they do not

This was a heavy chapter, but I thought for Omerta to completely accept them this was important. And this also starts explaining the role of werewolves. The next one will talk about the origins of werewolves and will start an important part of Lucifer and Omerta's story. Please please do let me know what do you think, would love to know your comments and thoughts, especially on this chapter. And do follow me on ***, RC Kapur.

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