The First Werewolf

“I understand it’s too much to take at once, to imagine that everything you have known about your history and present is not the complete truth, that the world is more than what you imagined. I think we need to start from the beginning. You need to know how we werewolves came to be. The FIRST WEREWOLF. “

Wow!! Just one, I thought, ‘blessed ones’ were in the plural.

So, it all started with just one person? But I do not have time to clarify as Avo narrates the story of the first werewolf.

“This goes several millennia ago when humans first came to be. Apart from animals and your flora and fauna, the earth was also inhibited by beings called the ‘Old Gods‘.“

“Old Gods?“

“Yes, the old Gods, or what mythology calls the Titans & Olympians. You have surely heard of them, Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and the list goes on. These Old Gods were deities of unique elements that represent nature and life, like Poseidon was the God of Sea, Ares was the God of War, and of course, Zeu

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Vikki Lee
I look forward to updates. the origin that you wrote about was very intriguing and made a lot of sense.
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Oh no it’s been 4 months?! Yeesh I hope you upload everything in one go to make up for the time
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Teresa DeBerry-Stringfellow
Updates please
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