Chapter 9

*** Noah's POV ***

Never had I craved someone more than I wanted her. I knew we shared some sort of chemistry, but this was something I had never experienced. 

When I saw the creep from the club put his hands on her, I knew I had fallen for her sirens call. An overwhelming sense of protectiveness formed in my chest, mixed with rage. He was touching her, and she was mine. 

Could I blame him for wanting her? Not really. She was gorgeous, any man would be so lucky to call her theirs. But tonight, the only name she would be screaming is mine. 

That first kiss was all it took for me to become addicted. I didn't know if it was the adrenaline that was pumping through me after taking that creep down or sheer chemistry but I couldn't bring myself to leave her lips even for a second. It was a miracle we even made it back to her place because I was ready to take her then and there. I didn't care who was watching. 

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