The Captain's Lover
The Captain's Lover
Author: Paula Hernando - Villanueva

We've Met Before

Chapter 1

One sunny Sunday afternoon at the Anderson’s Mansion. It’s family day today, so it means it’s that time of the week where everybody in the family needs to be present for their family lunch. Steve Anderson, the head of the family, invited his childhood best friend Thomas Reid and his family to join them with their lunch. It was the first time that their children will meet each other since Thomas Reid and his wife Trina moved to Singapore after they got married.

“Honey, is everything ready? I just got off the phone. Thomas said they'll be here in half an hour.” Steve asked his wife Sandra in a very exciting voice. He's really very excited! This will be the first time in 30 years that he will see his best friend again. They talked on the phone but they never really talked that much since they are both busy with their companies.

“Darling, everything’s ready! The kids are getting ready as well. You need to chill, everything will be alright!” Sandra laughed as she tried to calm Steve in his excitement.

“Yeah you’re right I need to calm down! It’s just I haven’t seen him for ages. You know how close we are to each other. We grew up together and he is the brother I never had. I just wanted to see how he is now and how his children are. He told me that his son is now a Captain in the Military and he is also the CEO of Paradise Destinations. Can you believe that? At a very young age. Thomas is very proud of him! And her daughter Olivia just graduated from college a year ago. I think she took up Fashion Design and what’s good is that she’s already making noise in her field with her elegant and unique designs.“Steve happily shared this with his wife.

“Looks like Thomas and Trina really did well raising their kids! I’m glad and very excited that they will meet our children today. I just hope that you and Thomas’ plan in setting up Isabella and Carter will be okay, because if not Trina and I will definitely crush you both." Sandra laughed hard while cursing his husband.

On the other hand, Thomas was talking to his children in the car

“Carter and Olivia, I want you to be nice to the Andersons. Steve is my childhood best friend. This is the first time you will meet him and his family. They are very famous here in America. He owns the 7-star Anderson Hotel in Las Vegas, New York, and here in California and he also owns the Fuel Up gasoline station that has more than a thousand branches all over the world. Her eldest daughter Jennifer is a well-known actress, I know that you guys know her. if I’m not mistaken she was the one who starred in the movie Are We Back Together?, with Brad Spit. I think she also starred in a lot of movies and TV series already. And ---” Before he finished his sentence she was cut by her daughter Olivia.

“Woah! She’s the famous Jennifer Anderson? Really? I bet my friends will love me more if they found out that I had lunch with her! Hahaha. Why didn’t you tell me that earlier dad? I could have talked to her sooner and let her wear my designs in her projects.” Her voice of excitement was very loud that made her parents and brother laugh.

“Okay! She’d be happy to wear your designs. To continue what I’ve been saying before you interrupt me, her second child is also famous, she is a well-known Surgeon and also a TV personality. She has this new show but I can’t remember what show it is. It just aired a month ago. Her name is Isabella and I think she’s the same age as you, Carter.”

“Don’t tell me she’s the famous Dr. Anderson! She is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, I cannot believe this! Her show that aired last month was the talk of the town even before it aired. She is one of the best surgeons even at her very young age. She is an inspiration to a lot of people. Look here, this is a picture of her on her I*******m account. She looks really cool but simple. She looks totally opposite from her sister!” Olivia said in a very loud voice. Everybody in the car cannot contain their laughter whenever she speaks.

Carter was stunned as she saw Isabella's photos. As far as he remembers she is the volunteer doctor that operated on him when he got shot in a mission in Israel 3 years ago. She was the doctor that he’s been looking for. He wasn’t able to say his thank you because after the operation she flew back to California with her team. Finally, they will meet again!

“They are just like us Olivia. I’m the simple one and you’re the loud one.” Carter teased her with a slight smile on his face.

“Oh, we’re almost there! Try not to be so loud Olivia you might scare them” her father teased her as well.

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