The Family Affair

Chapter 2

The Anderson’s Mansion was everybody’s dream home but it doesn’t differ from the Reid’s Mansion as well. Both families are very well-known in their respective titles but both families were not the typical rich families that offend a lot of people. They’re both known for their good personalities and both of the families are truly loved by many.

Just in time when everybody’s ready. The doorbell rang.

They were welcomed by the head of the servants and lead to the dining where the Anderson’s are waiting,

As soon as Steve sees Thomas he rushes to him and gives his best buddy a big tight hug. Both the families were smiling seeing how the two old men cling to each other. After that, Steve invited them to their seats to eat. While eating, Steve introduced his family to Thomas’s family and vice versa. Isabella, who was very quiet, almost choked when she saw Carter.

“Captain! Remember me?” Isabella asked in a very shy tone.

Everyone from the table looked at both of them in confusion.

“Yeah. Hi doctor! I’m sorry I haven't had a chance to say thank you for saving my life. When I woke up from the operation there was already a new doctor that was assigned to monitor me. I looked everywhere for you but they told me that you already flew back here.” Carter replied while looking very attentive to Isabella.

“No worries. That’s my job! I hope you’re doing fine now.” Isabella replied in a very shy manner. Everyone from the table can sense the chemistry between the two.

“So you’re the doctor that saves my son's life, Thank you, Isabella. Given that you’re just 26 and you’re already one of the most well-known surgeons in the whole world. I bet your parents must be really proud of you.” Trina thanked her for saving his son's life. Trina and Thomas don't really want their son to be in the military in the first place. It’s just that Carter begged them for this.

Isabella doesn’t really talk that much she just simply nodded to Mrs. Reid.

“Well, Isabella was really good with her academics since she was young. I myself was really impressed with how she did well in school. I didn’t have to hire a tutor since we can see how devoted she was to her studies. Even when she was still a kid she really wanted to become a doctor to help others. We never had a problem with her growing up. She was very mature and very determined to achieve her goals.” her mother proudly said that to everyone.

Carter was very impressed with what he heard. With a single look on Isabella’s face, he really did fall at first sight. With her black wavy hair, her pink lips, smooth milky skin, and gray eyes. Who wouldn’t fall for that? She’s the best example of a perfect living doll. Carter’s eyes were stuck on her beauty and everybody from the table could tell how he’s into her. And from time to time you could also see that Isabella is eyeing him too.

“Well, she’s the same as Carter. He also joined the military to help others. Looks like these two are born to be heroes. Hahaha.” Trina said and everybody on the table shared a good laugh.

Both families continued chatting until they finished all the meals that the chef prepared for them. After that Jennifer excused herself as she still needs to go to have an interview for her upcoming movie, she brought Olivia with her as she begged her if she could see how to work in her industry because aside from designing clothes she also wants to be an actress like Jennifer. Thomas asked Steve for a tour of his study to talk about their business and Sandra and Trina headed to the living room to talk as well. It leaves Carter and Isabella at the table.

After eating, Isabella normally just went back to her room and reads books but she doesn’t want Carter to be left out, that would be very rude of her. She asked him if he wanted to walk in the garden and of course, Carter agreed.

“So besides being a Captain, what else do you do?” Isabella asked him in a very formal manner that it looks like she’s interviewing him for a new position in a company.

“Well, besides that I’m also the CEO of Paradise Destinations. I don’t know if you heard of it but we basically arranged the trip for the customers to achieve their travel goals with this list of beautiful destinations, things to do, best places to visit, tourist spots, attractions, and more.” He replied proudly.

“Oh, I heard of it! You really are big time. I heard The Kardashians and The Bieber’s booked their latest adventure with Paradise Destinations. You must be a very busy man to run a travel agency while you’re also running the Military, right?” She asked in a very soft voice. Her soft voice made him like her more. The way she moves and talks, she is very classy.

“Yeah. I’m always busy but I still make time to enjoy and travel and I also make sure to have time with my family. How about you, My dad told us that besides being a doctor you also have a show on TV now” he talks to her like they have known each other for a long time and that makes her want to talk to him more. 

“Well, I was in this new show on NBC, The Good Doctors. It’s a series and I play the character of Dr. Irene who is a Surgeon and loving partner of Dr. Tristan who was played by the famous Paul Bearer is a Neurologist. On MWF [Monday, Wednesday, Friday] I work at the hospital and every Tuesday and Thursday I shoot for the series. It was very tiring but I also made sure that I’m free during weekends so that I could rest and have time with my family and friends. I need to socialize too. I know you know what I mean.”

“Wow! You really are something. You inspire me with your words. It seems like I have to work more.” he replied happily.

 The two of them enjoyed every single minute talking to each other. It seems like they’ve known each other forever. There was never a dead air in their conversation. Trina and Sandra can't stop looking at them through the window. The more they talk, the more they get to know each other and the more they like each other.

“Trina looks like Steve and Thomas were right. They really do look good together. I hope this will lead to a good relationship in the future.” Sandara said this while she and Trina toast and drink their wine.

5 pm

Since the Reid’s don't have enough rest yet since they head straight to lunch after they got off the plane they bid their goodbyes to the Anderson family.

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