The First Kiss

Chapter 4

“So do you like spicy food too?” he asked her.

“I do eat spicy foods from time to time but I don’t crave spicy food like you. My mother has acid reflux so we can’t really eat too much spicy food at home. But when I was in college my friends and I always went to Korean restaurants and ate Korean barbecues and other spicy foods. Ahh! I remember those days! It was very delicious” she laughed while telling him this.

He was very amazed at how beautiful she looks whenever she’s smiling. Even with no makeup, her beauty can light up the whole room. She’s too close to perfection. She stares at him like there were no other people in the restaurant. She stopped talking when she suddenly caught him staring at him.

“Hey, am I that pretty that you can’t stop staring at me?” she giggled.

“Oh, you! Yes, you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen. Just don’t tell my mother” he said and they both laughed. But she was moved by how he just described her. She blushed and he saw but he ignored it so that she wouldn't be awkward to him.

The food was already served and they both finished it in a snap. They were both really hungry and they didn’t care about anything in the world while eating it.

After eating and chatting they both decided to go back to the hospital to see how Mrs. Reid's condition is. They just walked back to the hospital since the restaurant was not far from there. The stars are shining as bright as Isabella’s smile. He really is falling in love with her but he doesn't know what to do since he knows that he can’t mess up being with her because it can ruin the relationship of their families. But he needs to do something.

“Bella, are you seeing someone?” he asked in a shy and very polite manner.

“No, I’m not seeing anyone. Why do you suddenly ask that? Do you want to go out with me?” she asked him with a very confused tone.

“Yes. I wanted to and I’m serious,” he replied with a hoarse voice. But in his mind, he’s very nervous that she may not be okay with them dating.

“Okay then. Let’s start dating. You wanna hold my hand?” she asked him in a very flirting manner.

Then they went to the hospital holding each other's hands while Isabella tried to be a good girlfriend and being too clingy to him. The people on the streets can’t stop looking at them with envy. And because they were both famous in their field, reporters were also present in the scene. They didn’t mind them since they were both at the right age to date plus their families will be glad to see them together.

When they came back to the hospital they went straight to the recovery room where everybody else was waiting.

“Dr. Anderson, Dr. Johnson is waiting for you. Patient 3 in the recovery room has gaid her consciousness back and is ready to be transferred to the suite. Can you please come and take a look at her now?” one of the nurses asked her.

“I have to go and look for your mother now.” She bid goodbye to Carter and kissed him on the cheek. The Andersons, his father, his sister, and the nurse were shocked when they saw her kiss him like that.

“Since when have they been together?” Jennifer asked them.

“Let’s ask them some other time. Let’s focus on Trina’s condition first.” Steve Anderson said calmly but excited as well.

After another hour of waiting, Isabella went out of the recovery room with Mrs. Reid at the bed ready to be transferred to the Private Suite on the top floor. He let the nurses and Dr. Johnson took Mrs. Reid to her room and she decided to talk to the family first before they joined her in the room.

“Uncle Thomas, Aunt Trina still needs to rest. You can go in there but please make sure that she will really rest so that she can recover as soon as possible. You can all go up to the private suite now and be with her. And as for your mom, sissy, and dad, you can go home now and rest too. You can come anytime tomorrow but let us make their family rest as well. I love you guys. I won’t go home tonight and I’ll just stay here in my room so that I could check with Mrs. Reid tomorrow morning before I head for the shoot.” She said this to them in a very sweet and polite way. They all listened to her and they all did what she said.

On her way to her room, she felt like someone was following her. She kept on turning around but she saw no one. Before she entered her room someone hugged her from behind and it was Carter.

“How did you know that this was my room?” she asked.

“I followed you. You didn’t see me?” he asked in a very naughty way.

“Well, I didn’t! I knew someone’s following me and kept on looking at my back but I never saw you, even just a tiny bit of you!”

“Well well sweetheart, have you forgotten that I’m a Captain? We studied how to do that” he said while laughing at her.

“So what are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to stay up there with your family?” she said in a very harsh way.

“I can’t sleep there. Dad’s sleeping on the bed and Olivia took the couch. I don’t know where to sleep. I can’t sleep beside my mom. I might wake her up. So can I sleep with --” before he finished what he was about to say he was cut by Isabella.

“Fine. But don’t think of anything bad” she replied!

It was just a small room, just enough for her to sleep in whenever she has an emergency going in the hospital.

“You stay in here? It’s very small. Knowing your family status you can have a much bigger room in here.” he said this to him without a blink of an eye.

“Yeah, what’s wrong in here? I just come here whenever there’s an emergency and I just use this room for sleep. I don’t live here. If you’re not comfortable here you can go up and sleep with your family.” she said while laughing.

He sits at her bed and grabs her waist. He laid her down in bed and kissed her intimately. It was already midnight and two of them are still up and making love. He kissed her continuously, not caring if the person in the other room heard them. She let go of nonstop moans as he caressed his breast while kissing her. When she was about to strip her clothes he realized that they just started dating and taking this very fast might be miserable for the two of them. After making love, they both decided to sleep as both of them will need to get up early because of their work

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