What Happened To Mrs. Reid?

Chapter 5

6 am

Her alarm clock was buzzing and Captain Carter was the first one who got up. He stared at her while sleeping and he felt how lucky he is to have someone beside her now. She is the most important to him besides his family right now and he will do everything to make her happy. She wakes her up knowing that she needs to go to her shoot for The Good Doctors. He rubs her knows and kisses her a lot of times for her to get up. When she was finally awake she hugged and kissed him in a very passionate way.

“Good morning, Love,” he said in a very sweet voice.

“Good morning. What time is it?” she asked.

“It’s 6 am. Go and take a bath. I'll take you to your shoot before I head out to work. I’ll be back by 7 am. I’ll just go and check up on mom.” he replied.

“Okay. Dr. Rodriguez is in charge of her today. He’s my friend and he is a good neurologist, so don’t worry too much about Aunt Trina. She’ll be fine in no time. Just make sure she gets enough every day so that she can recover fast. Go up! I’ll take a bath now.”

After an hour, she was done with her makeup and was about to call Carter when someone knocked at the door.

“Dr. Anderson there was a call from Dr. Rodriguez said he needs you to go up to see the patient in the Private Suite 3. Emergency.” a nurse from the neuro department said.

She ran as fast as she could to get there. Just when she was about to open the door Olivia did walk out of the room crying.

“What happened? Why are you crying? Where’s Aunt Trina?” she asked but she didn’t answer and just hugged her.

“I need to attend to her and wait for me here,” she said calmly.

When she entered the room he saw her colleagues doing the best they could to save her. But she gets teary-eyed when he sees Carter just standing there beside her dad.

“What happened?” she asked Dr. Rodriguez.

“She had a seizure for about five minutes and went straight to a coma after that. But there’s more. Can I talk to you privately outside?” Dr. Rodriguez asked her.

Then she nodded.

“Dr. Anderson I think someone injected her with bad medicine. Because I found this bottle beside her pillow. This shouldn’t be in there because this medicine was not given by me nor you. Who do you think did this to her?” he asked in a very confused way.

“I’ll go and try to talk to his son. Maybe he knows something about this med---” she was shocked by a deep voice who interrupted her. When she looked at her back, she saw Carter by the door listening to their chat.

“I don’t know who did that, but I will make sure that person will pay for what he did. I cannot bring you to your shoot today. I’ll ask my driver to bring you there. Wait for him in the lobby. I have to go now. I’ll call you.” he said.

Without listening to what Isabella will say he ran and made calls. He asked his assistant, Cliff, to investigate the matter and call John to pick up Isabella and drop her at her shoot today. Isabella doesn’t really need to be taken by his driver because she has her own driver but instead, he listened to him and waited for John in the lobby.

Dr. Rodriguez reported the case to the higher-ups. He knows they can’t afford to offend the Reids as well as the Andersons. The hospital will be in bad shape when that happens. The news about what happened to Trina Reid spread like a wildfire and had been the most trending topic online and on television.

There were a lot of tweets and comments about this on social media.

[Who on Earth will do this kind of stuff?]

[Who offended the Reids? Does that person want to get killed?]

[Ah! I wished for her to recover soon]

[No one on this planet would try and choose to be on the bad side of the Reids]

[Capt. Carter must be sad!]

Everybody’s talking about this and the front of the hospital was filled with reporters trying to let one of Reid’s talk about the matter.

Steve and Sandra rushed to the hospital when they heard the news. They were blocked by the reporters because they knew that the Anderson was very close with the Reids. In addition to this, they’ve seen Isabella Anderson being sweet with Carter Reid.

[Mr. Anderson do you know what happened to Mrs. Reid?]

[Is your daughter really dating the Captain?]

[Mr. Anderson, are you just going to ignore us too?]

[Madam Anderson, what about you? What is your take on this?]

[Please say something, Mr. Anderson]

“I don’t have any comments about this matter. We’re very sorry. We just got here and we still don’t know what happened to Trina. As for my daughter and Carter, they should answer that. I’m very sorry but please can you not block the way? We need to go to Trina” Steve said and begged the reporters in a very calm manner.

When Captain Reid heard about this he made sure for his family to be safe.  He assigned a lot of bodyguards to guide his family and even Isabella. And he made sure that all the reporters in front of the building vanished. He didn’t want anyone to interfere with his life. Especially in times like this.

Isabella can’t focus on her work because she keeps on thinking about what happened to Mrs. Reid but she needs to do and finish her job.

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