"What is wrong with you today?" Alessia asks ordering us another round of shots.

"Nothing." I say with a sigh.

"Yeah right," Lydia says rolling her eyes at me.

"Bella honey you got the job you should be happy." She adds hugging me tightly.

"And I'm so happy. It's just that I have so much on my mind." I say explaining.

"Like?" They ask in unison. "Just my dad and ofcourse anxiety of starting the job, what if they figure out I'm a Davis and they fire me." I say.

"They won't, so stop worrying." Alessia says.

"Okay okay, let's get more drinks." I say, maybe getting drunk could be the best thing for me. Didn't tell my friends about getting trapped in the elevator with Carter, I know they wouldn't judge or anything but still not ready to share it with anyone yet. Plus I can't stop thinking about him.

We stay out all night, partying, celebrating and since I'm starting work I probably won't have time to be out my friends so we take advantage of the night.

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing.

"Shut that thing off." Alessia groans from the floor, last night she passed out at my apartment on the floor. We try to stay together whenever we go out drinking, plus I'm the one with a driver courtesy of my dad being overprotective.

I pick up the phone to see my dad's name flashed across the screen. I press ignore because I'm still furious with him after our last argument.

Ofcourse he leaves a message.

"Hello princess, how are you doing? Please talk to your father okay? Or Atleast show up for Sunday family dinner." He says.

I delete the message after listening to it and I don't reply ofcourse.

Instead I head into the shower, just what I need after the night I had then I head out to the nearest Starbucks a block away from my apartment for coffee. That's why I love New York, there's a Starbucks almost anywhere.

I live in an amazing luxury 5th avenue apartment, paid for by my dad ofcourse. He might be an ass but he absolutely loves to spend on me, hence catering my lifestyle.

By the time I get back both Lydia and Alessia are up and nursing a hangover.

"Tell me you brought coffee?" Alessia asks joining me in the kitchen.

"Yes I did," I say passing her a paper cup. "Where's your housekeeper?" Lydia asks. "Can she make us some eggs?" She adds asking.

"Anna doesn't come on Sundays." I say with a sigh.

"Okay we're going out for brunch because I'm hungry." Lydia says and I nod agreeing with her.

We quickly head out for a quick bite, and after that I head back to my apartment to start manifesting my first day tomorrow.

I call my mom to tell her about the job.

"My darling." My mom says answering my call.

"Hello mom." I say.

"How are you darling? You sound down?" She says sensing my awful mood.

"I'm fine mom, how are you?" I ask.

"I'm good darling, Michael and I just got home." She says referring to my stepdad Michael.

"Are you getting ready for Sunday dinner with your father?" She asks.

"I'm not going today, we had a fight." I say with a sigh.

"What did he do again?" She asks knowingly.

"What he does best, he gave the software engineer position for the new project to someone else." I say.

"What? How could he? Honey I know you have worked for that position in a while. I'm sorry." She says comforting me.

"It's okay mom, I'm fine actually just mad at him for not trusting me." I say.

"Sorry honey, what was his reason for not giving you the position anyway." She asks.

"Oh you know, he wants me to busy myself working charities with grandma." I say.

"With that crazy old witch?" My mom says with a sigh. "No way honey, you'll find something better." My mom says reassuring me. My mom and my dad's mother hate each other.

"I got something already." I say with a smile.

"Really?" She asks.

"Yes mom, I got a job at another telecom company." I say.

"Oh my God honey I'm so proud of you." She says excitedly.

"I'll come down to New York this week and we'll have a celebratory dinner." My mom says excitedly.

"Have you told your dad about the job yet?" She asks.

"No he won't like it." I say.

"Don't worry about your father honey, just do you. Okay." My mom says in her best mom voice.

"I will mom, love you." I say.

"Love you too honey."

My parents got divorced 10 years ago, and 5 years later my mom got married again to this sweet guy Paul and moved to New Jersey to live with him. I'm still pretty close with her but actually more close with my dad even though we fight constantly. 


Monday, my first day at work.

I woke early filled up with anxiety but by the time I got to work I was composed.

Immediately I got into work, I met with the head of HR. Who then showed me to my office which is at the top floor beside the CEO's office, I'll be working directly with him in finding solutions to the current issues they have been having with there international software.

Then I go meet with Paul Sinclair, the man who did my interview to update me on the project before I meet with the CEO.

"I'll explain a few things then you'll be meeting with Mr king." Paul says as he shows me the files and explains the issues.

Paul's gaze moved suddenly to something behind me. "Ah, here he is now, in fact." He stood up and addressed the person behind me. "Great timing. We were just talking about you."

I stood up and turned around and I'm met with the worst of all surprises.

It was Carter. Carter from the elevator. He is my boss, the CEO.

How could I be so stupid. Now I'm going to lose this job before I even start.

Somehow I made it to my feet. Somehow my knees didn't give out as I turned to him. Somehow I managed not to fall apart when my gaze met his. They were even more devastating beautiful than I'd remembered.

He smiled, a smile so smooth it was hard to believe he even recognized me. Except he did recognize me. His eyes filled with familiarity.

And Paul completely unaware introduced us. "Carter, this is Isabella Marino. She's taking the lead with the new project."

I let Carter— Mr King take my hand in his. His grip firm, but the effect he had on my body was entirely different. Like one hundred and ten volts were running through our touch.

"Nice to officially meet you, Isabella...Marino, was it?"

"Uh-huh." It was the only sound I was capable of producing. We had made out and I humped his fingers till I came in an elevator in this building, I had almost slept with him. And now I was going to have to work with him or probably be fired right now.

"Thank you, Paul," he said, his hand still clutching mine. "I can take this from here. Could you shut the door on the way out?"

"Oh. Sure. No problem." Paul seemed surprised at being dismissed. But Carter King was his boss so what could he do.

"Did. You. Know. I owned. The company?" he asked slower as if that would make it make more sense.

"Ummm...No. I mean, you didn't tell me your last name."

His jaw ticked, and he took a step closer, but this time it wasn't in passion, but to intimidate.

"I'm utterly and completely against office sexual relationships or romances." Carter says curtly.

"Believe me I didn't know it was you and as a matter of fact I have never done anything like that, I was freaking out and it completely took my mind off being trapped in a small space or it wouldn't have happened." I babble not stopping for a second.

"I'm a professional Mr King and I promise if I don't get fired right now, nothing like that will ever happen." I continue babbling.

"I believe the team that was handling the project you're assigned to has scheduled a meeting at 11. After you meet with them and present your ideas you'll update me on the progress." Carter says ignoring everything I just said.

"Your office is right next to mine." He adds.

"Okay. Thank you." I say happy that I'm not fired.

His eyes met mine, a collision that made me dizzy. He held out his hand to shake, and when I gave him mine, an electric shock went through my body, big enough to wake me up to the fact that I wasn't just getting ahead of myself, I was also crazy because how the hell did I think I could work with a man I'd a sexual encounter with?

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Mary Walters
Her mom married a guy named Michael not Paul.,or did she get divorced and married again?

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