Isabella's POV

I didn't hear from Carter since I left his apartment, he had said he would call me so I kept checking my phone constantly. The next was Saturday so I had nothing to do, and both my best friends had their own thing going on.

Lydia had a date and Alessia was out of town so I spent the day by myself hold up in my apartment and constantly checking my phone to see if Carter had texted or called.

I know my life seems completely boring, what did I even do before I met Carter or started this new job. But honestly my life was nothing like boring, I was a typical party girl but I'm trying to stay away from that life hence being alone.

Finally Sunday, when I woke up I had a message from Carter which I was immediately excited about.

I didn't have his number, so technically it was an unknown number but I knew it was from him before I even r
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Ana Palmers
Nice!! Looking forward for more chapters!

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