We come out of the bathroom to find Bronx watching TV in the sitting area. He stands up when he hears the bathroom door open. When he turns around, he freezes.

"Oh my Goddess," he says under his breath. He gulps as he stares at me.

"She cleans up nice, huh?" Lenora smiles.

"Uh, yeah, I- uh, stun- that - I," he's not able to make a full sentence as he stares at me.

"You know what, I'm just gonna go," Lenora says over my shoulder as she points to the door. She gives me a thumbs up and a wink as she leaves.

I stand where she left me, not sure what to do with my hands.

"Waannnaaa… watch TV with me?" Bronx points behind him at the television.

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Quantana Mckinney
Glad a pack was finally punished for treating a child like trash.
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Quinna Ezell Emory
Oh no! What is going to happen now?
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I bought points on the website, but the app says I don’t have any… what’s up with that?

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