*a few years later*

Some people aren’t lucky enough to get a happy ending. No matter how much they hope for something to happen, it doesn’t. That’s how life is.

That didn’t stop Nora from praying in her sister’s room everyday. Every birthday, she would bring cookies into her private room, asking her to wake up so they could eat it together. It continued like that for a while, not receiving any response.

Nora let out a sigh.

“It’s too early for that.” Mateo mumbled, still half asleep. His arm was draped over Nora’s waist, his head muffled in her pillow next to her head. He could feel every breath she took. Even though he left his old ways behind, he was still cautious of running into old enemies.

Of course, the organization itself didn&

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Sharon Keane
Ending was abrupt. You need to write more about the sister and plot another book with the sister Nova and Marcos maybe getting together.

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