One Night with Blaze
One Night with Blaze
Author: R.C.BRIE15

Chapter 1 - nICE Prince

He walked gracefully with such confidence as if he owned the path walk towards the entrance of the medical faculty main building, wearing the usual official school uniform but his distinct elegance is undeniably overflowing even in just an ordinary outfit that everyone in the faculty was all wearing. 

Several eyes are also following his every move as if he is a very famous superstar everyone is fervently waiting for what he will do next. The subtle attention from everyone around as they diligently watched every sway of his body as he walks, the moment his prominently long and thick lashes touches his pale skin when he blinks, the wind that gently blows his raven black hair, and every step he makes at the rough pavement captured everyone's earnest eyes. 

His two hands are inside his pocket while he casually walks under the bright light of the day. 

His pale and flawless skin seemed to glisten under the sun, making him look like an apparition with his ethereal beauty. 

His handsome face is devoid of any expression… unreadable & very calm. Everyone seemed to gasp when he squinted from the bright light of the sun, making him wear his signature sunglasses and causing a swooning shriek from his silent admirers.

His clean-cut black hair is perfectly styled which compliments his very neat and well-ironed long sleeve shirt. 

His silver watch sparkled like a gem around his wrist every time it would be out from his pocket. 

He walked like he owned the world… so unconcerned of the curious and admiring glances towards him. 

No one had dared to approach him even if everyone in the university seemed to admire his perfection, even if everyone is eager to get close to him, even if every girl and even boys wanted to confess their admiration towards him, even just for a mere greeting, and even for the simplest reason of being friends with him. 

It may all sound simple to greet him, to approach him, to have a casual talk, or to even just smile at him, but his cold gaze could make anyone forget their intention the moment he stares. 

He has a very amicable personality and everyone could see how charming he could be to the people around him but his unspoken words and his obvious cold aura could make everyone think twice to randomly approach him and to even talk to him. 

Even his classmates are cautious around him and his schoolmates seemed to fear him. He hasn't done anything violent towards anyone that could cause them to fear him but they are simply anxious and cautious around him. 

He simply doesn't have other friends aside from his two best friends and he seemed to not mind at all. He seemed to not care if his world would just revolve around his books, his busy class schedule, his schoolwork, his hospital case studies, his very small circle of friends composed of only his two best friends, his parents, and his dorm to university point to point schedule. 

He was the envy of all, an ace student, perfectly handsome, and an heir of a business tycoon whose insane richness is not only within the country but around the world.

"I will give my whole life just to have a meal with him" one of the girls whispered while they were all staring at that particular person. 

"How could such a person be that perfect..." the other one frustratedly mumbled. 

"I could even worship the ground that he had stepped on"

"He is beyond perfect, he is too one deserves him..." 

"His skin is so clear white and very flawless like a very precious pearl...he is freaking perfect" 

"He is a modern-day prince, he won't even glance at anyone of us, we are just commoners" one girl spoke matter of factly before everyone heaved a sigh. 

It's always been like that every day at the university. Everyone would take a glimpse at whom they called a prince. 

Every day, students would wait for his arrival at the school grounds, and from where he parked his car until he could enter the building of his class, everyone would secretly watch him while daydreaming for the university's unreachable dream, everyone's prince charming. 

"Good morning Blaze" Paul instantly greeted him the moment he entered the classroom while their other classmates became eerily quiet as they stole cautious glances at him. 

He is Blaze Arden Vaughn, the so-called ice prince, and an heir to his family's empire. He is known for his beauty and perfection but no one could ever get close without being bitten by the frost that surrounds him. 

"Good morning Paul" Blaze greeted back with his usual calculated smile. 

He didn't even spare a glance to his other classmates who hurriedly settled on their respective chairs after they spotted Beam entering the classroom. 

"Good morning Blaze" Kit greeted when he entered right after Blaze. 

"Good morning Kit" Blaze responded with the same calculated smile he gave to Paul before he took his seat. 

Kit settled on his seat while Blaze took out his book and notes to read which was followed by the rest of their classmates. 

Everyone was in awe of the kind of diligence Blaze has with his studies, making them feel guilty just by simply looking at Blaze reading his book. An heir to an empire, diligently reading and continuously learning despite his very secured financial status. 

There was never a time that Blaze was not reading a book, especially during their vacant time. Most of the time he is glued with his books and notes while his other classmates would prefer to enjoy their free time without the thick medical books and the complicated medical cases. 

Everyone detests studying while Blaze is enjoying every second of it. He has even read the entire book which is supposed to be intended for the whole term. He is the exact epitome of a very handsome bookworm and a modern-day nerd. 

His love for books and hunger for new learnings added to his already perfect image among his peers and university professors. 

Being a professor in a class where Blaze belongs is also a great challenge. No professor would dare to come to Blaze's class unprepared, they will either read a few chapters ahead of their lesson and master it or not attend the class at all. 

Blaze is so keen on details that even his professors are nervous around him. He would usually point out things nicely but Blaze's standard of 'nice' is definitely not nice for everyone's standard. 

Every time the class would end, their professor together with the rest of the class would subtly heave a sigh of relief. 

"Our discussion today was very interesting, professor. It would be best if we will have an evaluation at the next meeting, maybe an oral examination or a written one" Blaze casually said to their professor who gaped at him. Even all his classmates' gape in disbelief, they all despised exams but Blaze is asking for it. 

"That's a great suggestion, Mr. Vaughn, let's see about that next meeting. Class study the whole chapters we had discussed today, as I might give an examination at the next meeting" the professor announced, making everyone groan their frustration silently, afraid that Blaze would hear them. 

"Thank you, professor, I'm looking forward to it" Blaze gladly exclaimed before he closed his book with a contented smile on his face. Their professor had left but no one from Blaze's classmates moved an inch. 

"Let's have lunch?" Blaze casually asked without turning to his friends while fixing his bag. 

"Yes...let's go" Paul responded casually before the three left the classroom leaving everyone behind who was still frustratedly slumping on their seats. 

"An oral or written examination next week!" someone exclaimed frustratedly when the three had left. 

"We also have a written examination before this subject which Blaze had also asked. We have two exams on the same day, the next meeting" another classmate exclaimed hopelessly. 

"This will be a suicide, two major subjects in one day, composing of three to four chapters each" another girl tearfully exclaimed while she facepalmed herself. 

"We still have another subject this afternoon, who would stop Blaze from asking for another examination at the next meeting? We will all be dead if another exam will be added to this day" a frustrated tone muttered, making everyone gape before they all heaved a frustrated sigh. 

Who is brave enough to stop Blaze Vaughn? His hunger for knowledge has affected all his classmates' who are not as eager as he is. 

"Could you stop him later, Mr. Class President?" a girl asked their class president who just gaped at her before he looked around his classmates with his serious but calm expression. 

"I'd rather step down from my position" the class president announced seriously, leaving the situation of their next subject, futile. 

"Well, let's all eat our lunch so we could start studying the three subjects. We don't have that much time to cover all the chapters" someone exclaimed loudly after he stood up from his seat and walked towards the door, making everyone scramble on their feet to hurriedly follow. 


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Joan Nurse
interesting so far im going to love this novel
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oot but that emoji as an really make my day the way you describe every event really help me understanding it! btw,R.C.BRIE15 do you have any social media that i can follow? i would love to know more about you

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