Chapter 3 - Nice Interest

"Blaze we will be the medical team for the Freshmen Initiation activity of the engineering faculty starting today" Kit informed, the instant Blaze gets inside the classroom.

Blaze just stared at Kit and slightly tilted his head without saying anything.

"Paul is already there, we will just catch up if you are ready" Kit continued while waiting for Blaze's response.

"Sure" Blaze casually responded with a shrug and with his usual raising of one brow before he turned around towards the door again.

Kit just quietly followed while Blaze just leisurely took a stroll towards the parking area.

"You can just hitch with me..." Blaze abruptly stopped in his tracks and turned around to Kit who was startled and almost stumbled against him.

"You sure?" Kit cautiously asked and tried to gauge Blaze's mood. Blaze seldom offers his car to anyone, even to him and Paul, he values his privacy so much that he doesn't want anyone inside his car. 

"I offered" Blaze briefly responded with his stoic face. 

"Okay" Kit just shrugged and rounded towards the passenger seat of Blaze's white SUV.

They drove away towards the engineering faculty in a comfortable silence just like they would usually do during the very few times that they are together in one car. 

"Do we have to deal with these sweaty bulls?" Blaze mumbled softly when they parked and watched the field full of sweaty engineering students doing their activities.

Kit just chuckled and shook his head in amusement seeing Blaze's disgusted look. It's seldom that Blaze would show such expression in public and Kit would always be amused if Blaze would sometimes forget to be prim and proper and be human just like all of them. 

Blaze is a neat freak and easily grossed out with messy things. He can't stand the foul smell and the smell of sweat on someone's body. A very unusual trait for a future doctor. 

"There are face masks and gloves" Kit just exclaimed with clear amusement in his voice. 

Blaze turned to Kit before he sarcastically rolled his eyeballs which made Kit more amused. 

"You will be a future will deal with more messy things... " Kit reminded again while he smiled sympathetically at Blaze who just heaved a sigh before they went out of the vehicle.

Some of the engineering students who had a glimpse of the two medical students paused and gaped openly. 

Blaze walked as if he was seeing no one along the way while Kit tried to look around the field, looking for the medical tent. 

"There's our medical team" Kit pointed at the tent beside the stage and walked ahead of Blaze who just leisurely took his time to walk towards where Kit had headed. 

Blaze just unceremoniously went inside the tent to relieve himself of the hot sun that seemed to burn his very pale skin. 

"It's so hot in here..." Blaze instantly whispered the moment he arrived at Paul's side who turned to Blaze and just heaved a sigh but did not say anything. 

Blaze looked around the field and watched the ongoing activities and his eyes caught a figure that made him stare a little longer than necessary. His eyes were intently focused on a certain student who seemed to lead the whole activity.

The guy is all sweaty and his exposed tan skin glistened under the bright sun. He also looked pissed that his face is so grim and his look is so dark. Very fierce and scary. 

Blaze is unaware that he has been staring at the guy for a long time and that he flinched when his eyes suddenly met the piercing eyes of the guy he has been staring at. 

The guy's hot gaze seemed to penetrate the sunglasses that Blaze was wearing that he could almost feel its burning effect even if it's just a fleeting moment before the guy turned away and continued with their activity. 

Blaze continued to watch the guy with pure curiosity behind his expensive sunglasses, unconcerned of the people around him. The guy is all sweaty and a little burned under the hot sun but Blaze seemed to be entertained by the mere sight.

His sightseeing was just cut short when the medical team became quite busy when students started to faint and weakened because of the strenuous activities and from the heat of the sun. 

Blaze would attend mostly to girls with his face mask and gloves. His sweat would also form on his forehead which made him very uncomfortable and pissed. 

Blaze heaved a sigh of relief when the morning activity ended and students were dismissed for lunch. 

"Do we have to continue this later?" Blaze turned to Paul and seriously asked. 

"We are on duty for the whole week" Paul replied briefly which made Blaze groan in frustration while he wiped his sweaty face. 

"Let's have lunch, I'm hungry" Kit exclaimed and the three went out of the tent leaving the other medical team. 

Eyes are on the three who are all unconcerned of the curious and admiring stares on them but were interrupted when a group of engineering seniors approached them. 

"Paul..." the leader called Paul's name as greetings. 

"Ace..." Paul responded with a nod. 

Blaze intently stared at the guy who called Paul, the same guy he watched earlier in the field. 

"Thank you for your assistance" the guy, named Ace, seriously thanked him while his piercing eyes were only directed to Paul. 

"No problem, it's our responsibility, by the way, these are my friends, Kit and Blaze" Paul introduced them to the other group which made Blaze raise his one brow again. 

The guy turned to Kit and nodded before his eyes focused on Blaze whose intent gaze is met with another intent gaze. 

Their eyes locked and no one wanted to back down from the staring battle, each one trying to intimidate the other. 

The air around them suddenly tensed when Blaze just continued to stare at the engineering guy with his calm yet intent gaze while the engineering guy is also trying to intimidate Blaze but failing along the way. 

Their respective groups are just quietly and anxiously watching the silent battle between the two intimidating figures. 

Ace was the one to blink first but before he looked away he saw the very subtle smirk of Blaze, making him so triggered but cannot do anything about it. He cleared his throat before he stared at Blaze again whose expression hadn't changed at all while Blaze is still staring at him with the same calmness. 

There is an unusual glint in the pale guy's eyes and Ace has no idea if it's only his imagination clouding his perception towards the peculiar look in Blaze's eyes or it is but Blaze's usual way to look at strangers. After a while, Ace was surprised when he was suddenly cut from Blaze's intense stare and he just saw the coldness in those previously calm eyes. 

Blaze continued to stare at Ace with his raised brow before he walked past all of them with his straight face and without a single word uttered to anyone. 

Both groups unintentionally followed Blaze with their gaping and confused look, trying to discern what happened between the two. 

"What happened?" one of Ace's friends asked him the moment he noticed Ace's confused look while his other friends together with Paul and Kit were also staring at him. 

Ace clenched his jaw before he facepalmed himself when he realized that he didn't understand any of it either, he just felt peculiar and he didn't know how to explain it to everyone. 

Ace turned to look at Paul who was also staring back at him with his calm expression. He wanted to ask something but he didn't know what words to say and Paul could see it. 

"We'll go ahead..." Paul said instead of responding to Ace's silent inquiry as he walked past the group with Kit following him. 

The engineering students were left in silence while Ace continued to clench and grit his teeth because of something that he, himself cannot understand. 

The ice prince deliberately haunted him and it awakened something deep within but he was suddenly cast aside, shutting him out of wherever the ice prince had brought him with just his mere gaze. 

Ace unceremoniously stomped away opposite from the direction where the medical students went with all his confused friends followed behind in silence. 

Ace's group was so confused about what happened between the two most intimidating persons in the university but whatever it was, it affected their head hazer. They meaningfully looked at each other as they walked in silence, following Ace. 

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