Chapter 5- Nice to Try Me

The Freshmen Initiation activity ended and all the medical team has already left except for Paul, Kit, and Blaze.

Paul and Kit are stealing anxious glances at Blaze from outside of the tent, ready to leave, while Blaze remained casually sitting on the chair while looking at his phone, seeming to be waiting for something or someone. 

They are only interrupted when the engineering group arrives. Ace's face was unreadable when he approached Paul while his group remained at a distance. 

"Thank you for this day again Paul" Ace exclaimed while Paul looked so awkward and anxious which made Ace knot his brow while staring at him. 

"You are welcome Ace...we'll go ahead...see you tomorrow" Paul hurriedly walked past Ace with Kit following behind, making Ace more confused while he followed the two with his eyes. He suddenly paused and became thoughtful before he slowly turned around when he realized something. 

His eyes instantly met the unreadable eyes of the pale guy who is comfortably sitting alone in the middle of the tent and intently staring at him. 

Ace continued to stare while silence ruled between them, no one made a move or even make a sound. They continued staring at each other before Ace heaved a sigh and walked towards the seated guy. 

"Paul and Kit have already left..." Ace spoke when he was in front of him. 

"I know..." he casually responded with a shrug but did not break his eye contact with Ace who just stared back at him before he took a deep breath. 

"You want me..." he suddenly announced with his earnest look, he did not ask but more of a sure announcement of what Ace felt towards him, while Ace instantly gaped with what he heard. 

Ace continued to thoughtfully stare at him while trying to think of what to counter. 

"You want me that bad...that your eyes are screaming it out loud..." Blaze continued to announce with his challenging tone and a calm smile, making Ace's jaw clenched while their gazes locked again. 

"I can smell your desire even from afar..." Blaze continued with a very subtle smirk which made Ace grit his teeth. 

"Who would are Blaze Arden Vaughn...the epitome of perfection...everybody's dream guy" Ace sarcastically responded with a smirk even if he is clenching his jaw in annoyance not with Blaze but with himself. 

"Really? and you are one of those everybody..." Blaze smiled while he asked Ace with his slightly teasing smile. 

"Even a statue would desire you...I'm just a normal man" Ace exclaimed with his clenched jaw, making Blaze smirk and continued to stare at him.

"You desire me..." Blaze straightforwardly said while Ace just remained quiet and continued to stare at him. 

"I don't play your kind of game Ace Anderson...I don't do one-night stands... I don't randomly kiss for a fling... I will never put my lips on some random girl's or guy's body... I don't even need someone to satisfy my body's needs... " Blaze continued with his soft and calm voice while Ace just chose to stare and to listen. 

"Everyone knew one had ever caught the attention of the ever famous, high and mighty Blaze Arden Vaughn... No one in this university has ever met your standards...everyone is just your spectator...your silent admirers. You made everyone a dreamer, you are a very far away star and they kept on dreaming that maybe someday you might take notice of even one of them" Ace mockingly exclaimed while his piercing eyes were on Blaze who just chuckled in response while he stretched his slender body on the chair and put his hands inside his pockets as he continued to stare at Ace. 

"So you dreamed of me...just like anyone else?" Blaze teasingly asked while playing his key inside one of his pockets. 

Ace refused to reply as he remained quiet while staring at the smiling Blaze. Silence ruled them when Blaze chose to just stare at Ace with his calm smile. 

"When was the last time you had your one-night stand?" Blaze suddenly asked after the long silence which made Ace incredulously gaped at him. 

"When did you become interested in my personal affairs?" Ace seriously asked with his squinting eyes. 

"Just for I have said, I don't play your kind of game so I want to know. I don't care where you previously put that dick...just tonight, I want to know when was the last time you used that dick?" Blaze asked with his insistent voice and cold gaze. 

Ace gaped while trying to figure out Blaze's plan but he can't think of any. 

"When? " Blaze asked with his stern and persistent tone while he glared at Ace. 

"Last two weeks ago...or three I think..." Ace hurriedly explained while unaware that he had been ordered around. 

Blaze raised his one brow reflecting his doubt while Ace unconsciously became intimidated and even tried to mentally count the exact weeks and days that he actually had his one-night stand. 

"It's three weeks ago...I got so busy with the freshmen initiation" Ace surely exclaimed before he paused when he realized that he had been somewhat intimidated by the pale and frail-looking guy. 

Ace incredulously glared at Blaze who in return has just given him a smirk and an amused look. 

"Acceptableā€¦" Blaze nodded with a slight satisfaction while Ace raised a brow on him, trying to figure out what the pale guy was thinking. 

"So Ace Anderson, want to try, a Blaze Arden Vaughn for tonight?" Blaze smirked as he casually asked the stunned and dumbfounded Ace. 


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