Chapter 68 - Doctor and Engineer (END)

"Congratulations my Engineer Ace Daxton Anderson" Blaze announced as he started his message for Ace who just passed and even topped the licensure examination for engineers. 

VMI is holding the biggest celebration of the year for another great success of the newly released vehicle together with the anniversary of the company. 

The new car became the signature and a brand carrier vehicle of VMI which created another breakthrough for the company as the leading manufacturer and Ace has been part of the whole process. 

Ace and his team have also been reaping the success since their first project which was adopted by VMI and have even sold the rights of the technology to some other motor companies, giving Ace quite a fortune even before he became a licensed engineer.

And today, VMI is celebrating not only the success of their new product and the company anniversary but also honoring

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Vivienne Musse
Phew!!! I never stopped till the end. I see a whole lifetime of another story about their future, kids, adopting maybe can’t find a surrogate, she lies. Tries to steal the baby..on and on.. I’ll be satisfied here tho…sniff
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Taniko Gordyrose
enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing
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Kalpana Bhati
I simply in love with this story. So emotional I must say. Thanks for giving such wonderful story.......
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