Chapter Thirty One

Jared turned on the defensive. He folded his arm across his chest and leaned against the wall putting significant distance between them. “You already rejected me, based on our last conversation. I don’t force myself to someone who obviously does not have any interest in me.”

“I did not reject you, I rejected your offer,” Aurora stressed.

“Right, because you were asking for certainty that I cannot for the life of me even determine if I was capable of giving. Do you even know how relationships work, Aurora?”

“Of course,” she replied strongly. Feeling insulted in his insinuation. “It should be built on a foundation of trust and friendship,”

“Which we don’t have,” he pointed out. “What we do have is a genuine mutual attraction which I believe you still hate to admit. I may be wrong on that assumption but this marriage is unconventional in many ways that the wedding vows came first before forming anything of significance between us. There’s an even bigger

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