Chapter 7

“Sam…” he stammered in shock. She avoided his gaze and distanced herself, not wanting him to see her so haggard and dirty.

 “Get away from me,” she uttered almost in a whisper and stood up on her feet intending to leave. This couldn't be happening to her, why did she have to show up at her worst moment? She couldn't stand the embarrassment and awkwardness. Him, so cute and neat; in fine clothes and expensive jewelry, perfumed with that delicious scent. And she, a malnourished, dirty beggar dressed in rags. It was a nightmare that the man she liked -because even though six long months had passed without seeing him, her feelings for him surfaced just by hearing his voice-, would see her in those clothes and with that stench. She had to run away, she couldn't bear to be in his presence a second longer.


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