The man pulled Camella into his arms.


 Seeing this Jane widened her eyes. If another man acted like that, he would not be surprised and surprised, because at this time the man who was embracing Camella was Alland. In fact, according to Camella’s story, Alland had openly rejected it.

 Alland kissed the top of Camella’s head and whispered something.

 “Just play your part.” Whispered Alland.

 After that Alland Uyuy embraced Camella.

 “This is my lover.” Alland said to Bella.

 “What do you mean baby Alland?” Bella said pursing her lips.

 Bella glared at Camella. Camella smiled triumphantly at Bella.

 “Hello, I’m Camella, Alland’s lover.” Camella said emphasizing the word lover.

 “Baby Alland why make this bitch your lover? I’m so much better than this bitch.” Bella whined and walked over to Allan.

 But Camella immediately stood in front of Alland, preventing Bella from approaching Alland. Now Camella and Bella are very close. They threw sharp glances at each other.

 “At least I never whine to someone else’s lover and try to keep flirting with him. You know you’re nothing more than trash. And yeah, Alland prefers me because I’m more beautiful and sexy. You better take care of your implanted breasts.” Camella said sarcastically and smiled lopsidedly.

 Hearing that, Bella held back her emotions. It was true what Camella said that she had implants, and it was all she did to get Alland interested in her. Meanwhile, Alland held back his laughter seeing Bella’s unkempt expression.

 “Come on baby, we’re going to spend a long night.” Alland said and asked Camella out of the club. Camella winked at Jane before she left.

 Jane widened her eyes in disbelief. Now he is increasingly recognizing the charm of a Camella.

 Suddenly someone woke him up.

 “I thought I would also spend the night with the beautiful woman in front of me. Want to join?” Brian said to Jane.

 “Sure, sir.” Jane said taking Brian’s outstretched hand.

 Meanwhile, Camella and Alland were already outside the club.

 “Now what?” Camella said.

 Alland raised an eyebrow and looked at Camella questioningly.

 “You know what it was just pretending?” said Alland.

 “Yes, I’m not stupid sir. But I want a reward for protecting you from that crazy woman.” Camella said looking up at Alland.

 “Reward? Say anything.” Alland said arrogantly.

 “What about what you said earlier? We’re going to spend a long night.” Camella said imitating Alland’s words.

 “You mean?”

 “You know I really want you sir,” Camella said, leaning closer to Alland. Until now, Alland’s body had been squeezed into a car by Camella.

 “Why do you look nervous, sir?” Camella said sensually and stroked Alland’s jaw.

 “No, I can’t.” Allan said.

 Camella suddenly remembered that tomorrow was her first day at work. There was no way he could spend the night with Alland, he didn’t want to be late.

 “Oh I changed my mind a bit. Maybe next time we can do it, and you can’t turn me down sir.”

 “We won’t do it, never in a million years.” Allan said.

 “Whatever, now give me one kiss.” Camella said.

 But Alland just kept quiet and stared at Camella. Seeing no response from Alland, Camella immediately grabbed the lips. Kissing, sucking, and crushing those lips. At first Alland didn’t return the kiss, but Camella still kissed him passionately. Until unconsciously Alland enjoyed it and now their kiss was very hot. Alland pressed Camella’s nape to deepen their kiss. A few minutes later they broke the kiss. Camella looked breathless, with an up and down chest, slightly messy hair, and slightly swollen lips, she looked at Alland passionately. For some reason Alland’s property hardened when he saw Camella like that.

 “I have to go, goodbye!” Camella said kissing Alland’s cheekbones.

 Camella left Alland still standing looking at the girl’s back. There was a sense of disappointment that came over Alland, for some reason he wanted something more from the girl. Unknowingly he wanted to meet Camella again. He got into his sports car and drove at high speed.

 Camella walked unsteadily to her car. There was a sense of pleasure when Alland returned the kiss and looked at him with passion. But she was disappointed that she couldn’t spend the night in bed with him.

 “Maybe next time.” Camella muttered then hit the gas.

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