Due to the hectic traffic on the road, Michael purposefully spent too long in the shower, letting the cold water slide down his skin and calming his nerves which happened to work except for the very bulging friend refusing to go down regardless of how long he spent under the cold shower.

As he stared down, he saw his manhood protruding with every minute that past seeking to sink into the sweet hole of Michelle's tempting center. Feeling a little bit better, he turned the shower off before stepping out and wrapping a white towel around his waist.

From where he stood, Michael could smell the sweet aroma coming from his room and he knew immediately Michelle had arrived and served his dinner.

Feeling famished, he hurriedly damp his body dry before entering his room only to see a naked Michelle perfectly curled, lying peacefully on his bed. His already hard member probed further, vibrating as he kept staring down at her.

Feeling Michael's gaz

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