Waking up to the annoying sound of my alarm, I turned it off. Can't believe it is Monday already, it's my first day. I will be working as the personal assistant to the CEO of Rutherford oil and gas petroleum limited. I am excited and upset at the same time. I am excited because I have a job and upset because I have to wake up so early now. Working with my dad has made me lazy. 

   I can always work for my dad again but that will mean limiting myself to the same people I have always known all my life. I want to explore, and meet new people. Hoping this will help me find meaning to my life. I know it won't be easy, always being a daddy's girl, getting everything I want in a platter of gold.

   Getting off my queen size bed I went to freshen up, and wash my hair with my all natural shampoo and conditioner I got from the store last week Tuesday after my interview. So excited I was selected, the company is worth multi-billion dollars. And I heard the owner has other businesses, and also comes from money.

   While surging the net I found out he is young something like 26, and very handsome too but, he is a Playboy. I searched the net more for his name and picture but found nothing. Only his accomplishment was online along with his many female conquests. 

  Anyway that has nothing to do with me, all I have to do is work for him and get it done well. Focusing on getting dressed, I put on a black bra with matching black lace undies. After that, I put on an onion pink designer suit pants that reached my ankle along with a matching suit jacket. 

  I applied my natural curl leave-in conditioner on my hair to maintain my natural curly hair, then styled it up while letting some fall towards the side of my face. I have healthy and beautiful skin, so I mostly go without makeup. 

  Looking at my face in the mirror, I apply the only makeup I know how. Eye mascara with a tomato red lipstick. I wore my little gold silver diamond earring my dad got for me from Paris on our family vacation. With a matching silver necklace that extended down towards my cleavage. Giving it a daring look. 

  I wore a Cinderella nude shoe, with a small nude Chanel bag. Inside it contains my iPhone 13, drivers license, pen and a debit card. For my finishing touch, I wear my favorite forever perfume. I look at my reflection one last time, satisfied with what I see. Hearing a knock on the door I called out

 "Come in" one of the maid came in, her name is Miranda. She is more than a maid to me, I consider her a friend.

 "Excuse me ma'am your dad is  expecting you in the dining room because..." she stopped.

 I turned to look at her, wondering why she stopped talking. I meet her looking at me with wide eyes and mouth open.

 "Is everything okay Miranda?" 

 "Yes. wow you look so beautiful" 

 "Aww, thank you so much. So, what were you about to say?" I asked sweetly

 "Oh so sorry, pardon my manners. Your dad is expecting you, he wants you to join him for breakfast."

"Okay, will be right there"

"Have a lovely day at work in advance" 

 "Thank you" Giving her a sweet smile as she left, closing the door behind her.

  Okay Catherine, today is the day I have been waiting for. After saying a brief prayer I left my room,  and head straight to the dining room.



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