“Sir, all the information about Miss. Inessa Simmons.” Linda places a brown envelope on my desk.

My head is in grief because of that girl, she is the genuine pain in the ass; I don’t even understand how she got under my thin nerve so smoothly, which is rare. I don’t get hyped up so quickly but this girl succeeds to do that within five minutes of our talk last night.

Although I will not give her the whole credit to vex me up, her siblings helped her a lot in that area. Hazel especially, that girl made me resentful and dumbfounded at the same time, the rest her sister did all by herself.

All night, I couldn’t sleep. She is the reason. The seeds that she spilled at the party in front of my friends were the main reason for my sleepless night. All my friends called me last night to know if I was in bed with Inessa or not. Those assholes kept calling me until the four of the morning. I am sure madam was enjoying her beauty sleep when I was in the most pathetic situation of my life.

It certified all the things that came out of her mouth last night: pure nonsense. Rose, she called me rose all night, pretty rose, sweetie, sunshine, my headache swells thinking about last night, the horror night. Wait, is it Halloween already?

No, one more month to go before that, then Inessa is the actual terror of my life. I think this year and from afterward Halloween is the permanent factor in my life; the blame is on my charming bride.

“Thank you.”

I open the envelope once she leaves the room, I can’t wait to find out more about my future wife. Last night was strange from start to end, it was a ravaging night to recall, nothing went as I planned or wanted, everything was a wreck.

Seeing Inessa in Luke Hall’s arm was not a big deal. I saw her with that bloody bastard a million times before; I felt nothing. Now things are turning, she is going to be my wife, and expect her to behave in a definite way in public, I can’t detach the sour taste from my mouth, I can’t come to terms with him this close to her, she is mine; I need to make sure she knows that, too. There will no more “friendship” with the Halls.

Hall’s are McCoy’s worst nightmare after she becomes one she will understand properly.

There are not many enigmas about Inessa, catholic school to college that she is studying right now, she is clean as water, no boyfriend or criminal history, not even a single traffic ticket is issued on her name, she is an open book.

However, this makes me more curious about her, after knowing everything about her I am craving for more. I want to know her thoroughly now, in and out, heart and soul, happiness and sorrow, laughter and cry, I fucking want to be with her at this moment.

This is unusual for me to want to be with one woman. I spent five years with Olivia, still never felt this way when our time came to end or she went her home and I went mine.

It’s been merely ten hours since I saw Inessa and I am missing her. I don’t know what to do with this sensation now.

“New couple on the town, Inessa Simmon And Brian McCoy grace their presence in the last night gala together with hand in hand. According to the source, the couple is getting married, if that’s true then this powerful union is going to shake the Chicago overnight.”

“Hand in Hand. Inessa Simmons and Brian McCoy were seen coming and leaving together last night.”

“A billion-dollar marriage is about to take place?”

“A union that will shake the world. McCoy and Simmon’s are in their way to be a family.”

Robbie stops reading the headlines of the newspapers and online websites. I know all these shits: I have my daily dose with my breakfast every morning.

Today I was way more curious to know what these news-seeking people would write about me and my fiancée. The picture of me and Inessa leaving together hand in hand, or she sitting on my lap is trending all over social media, there is a hashtag related to us, a new couple name invented Brinessa and gosh, so many other hashtags. Some people are posting our pictures, again and again, the picture where Inessa is on my lap is the topic of discussion between the online community.

I don’t use any social media account but today I created one on I*******m and Twitter to know the drama that is going around our engagement. Of course, I used the fake name, I just need to see the posts, and that’s it.

That’s another day talk that I visited Inessa’s profile, at least seven times now. One minute I was checking my and Inessa’s pictures from the last night, the next second I was in her profile.

She posted some of her getting-ready pictures, one in front of the mirror after she was ready for the night, and many other. with 269k followers I must say, she is a celebration of the online world.

Her most post around her daily life, working in the charity, gala, schools, church, bible quotes, her travel vlog, friends, siblings, just everyday things.

And like a fool, I stalked her for three hours before coming to the office this morning. I missed my morning gym session for her which never happened in ten fucking years.

Robbie throws the papers on my desk in front of me as he sits on the chair ahead of my desk. My eyes stuck on the picture of me and my future bride holding hands together. Somehow, I get all worked up inside.

The dress she wore last night was too revealing. If I remember correctly she always enveloped her body into the fabric as if showing her skin is a crime, it quite acclaimed the conservation in the dressing sense to the entire Chicago. Last night she went out of her comfort zone and embraced something totally different, it boiled my blood.

The low neck cut of her dress, put a good show for the men out there, I saw how every one of those bastards’ eyes was lingering around her bosom, they barely looked at her face, they were busy ogling my fiancee’s boobs all night.

from old to young all of their eyes are glued to that one place, the sweet, innocent Inessa for the first time exposed herself so every man at the party didn’t want to miss their chance to see what’s beneath the woman whom they all secretly lust.

But the heat near my neck and anger in my eyes was real, I could have strangled those fuckers with my bare hands, without giving a second thought.

I never felt that before, Olivia used to wear exposing dress. Sometimes there were not enough clothes on her body to conceal her womanly area, I never felt any rage for that.

I proudly show her off to everyone, never felt this protective way for her, nor did I ever told her to put more clothing things. But with Inessa things are different, I don’t understand how.

I remember the summer Olivia and I went to Italy; we were on the beach with our friends; she got naked and honestly; I felt nothing that other people were seeing her that way. I cheered for her, did nothing to those thirsty eyes who were having sex with their eyes. When it comes to Inessa a sharp knife name protective comes into my mind, I can’t stand the same thing happening with her, I will throttle any man with my bare hand if they see her with lust or any other way.

“You two will rule the bloody Chicago like a king and queen,” Robbie smirks. “Your father took the best decision. I must agree with him, Inessa is perfect for you.”

“You don’t even know her.”

I am not in the mood to discuss her with my cousin right now; I don’t think I would ever be comfortable discussing her with anyone.

“By the way, did you two had a good night, together? Your future bride was too excited to get into your bed. Little rose your new name, I love it so much.”

Damn, he noticed. How can I forget that? This person knows every little detail when it comes to me. Growing up with him was a blessing, my friend, the only one with whom I could share every little detail of life, but now as an adult, I am regretting my bonding with him. I can’t hide anything from him, no matter how hard I try, he gets every little thing easily.

“Stop, please.” I am ruined, this woman’s wreck my life in one night.

“Why? Last night you enjoyed it when your fiancé called you all night,” he asks innocently.

“Don’t you have a meeting with our New York client in the next five minutes?”

“Say whatever you want man but you can’t deny my future sister-in-law’s charm.” I see he already chooses his team, this man belongs to team Inessa, if these two gather together then I am done, man. I give him my middle finger before he leaves my room.

I let out a little laugh. No offense but sometimes this man is out of control.

I pick up the papers to finish the rest of the information that Linda collected. Like her reputation this girl is neat and clean with no stain, I wish her behavior or mouth is clean too. I put the paper on my desk and lean on my chair; I close my eyes to find peace but that thing is nowhere near me.

Inessa: my sunshine, what are you doing?

I get a text from Inessa during the lunch break. If I thought she will stop doing that crap last night, so wrong I am. Because now, I know this will be my whole life.

Brian: Having lunch.

Inessa: thank you, I am done with my already.

Brian: Sorry?

Inessa: you forget to ask about me, so as an ideal fiancé I save you from trouble by informing you about my activities.

I dated enough women, met a good amount off, more than Inessa’s age I would say, sex too, however, this woman is different from everything. Everything I knew about the female nation is in question after seeing her. She talks way too much, never stops, keeping talking, she doesn’t even inhale oxygen, what kind of creature is she?

Inessa: you will call me five minutes from now and told me you are missing me, and also blow me kisses.

Inessa: okay, my rose.

Brian: What if I don’t.

I want to see how far she is going.

Inessa: nothing much, I will come to your office and demolish your brain with my talk.

Inessa: do you want that?

Inessa: five minutes from now.

I don’t reply anymore. I groan, shoot my hand in the air like a child, pace around the room with food in my mouth before calling her.

“Hi, rose.”


“Stop, will you?” she smiles loudly. “it’s so sweet of you.”

“Listen, I am a busy man, you can’t just call me and order me to do this kind of childish thing.” I snap, but that doesn’t bother this woman at all, not a single bit. She continues her rubbish.

“Owe, my heart melts.”


“Stop praising me, rose.”

“Stop calling me by that name.”

“Okay, bye, babe.” She makes some kisses sound. “Now it’s your turn.”

“I am not going to do that nonsense.”

“Are you sure?” she challenges me.

I do that; kiss her on the phone; I don’t get any action in real life but the virtual thing is going strong. We cut the call; she cut the call, the first time any woman cut the call on me, and I stare at the phone like a fool.

I thought her sister is dreadful, but she crosses all the lines of insanity; she is not what I thought at all; I don’t understand how she becomes society’s sweetheart, with this behavior people will run away from her. Only people like her will come in touch with her, this is the suicide of madness.

And the tortures keep going until the day after our engagement, Inessa calls me, texts me, teases me with new names, compels me to do things for her, as sending flowers is one of them.

“You will send me flowers every day, even after our marriage.” She says over the phone.

“Did you call me to say this rubbish thing? I am in the middle of a meeting right now.” I whisper.

“I don’t care. Send me flowers.”

“Okay. Happy.”

“So sweet, rose.”

I still have a long way to figure this woman out, we don’t meet again after the gala night, in two days, the engagement will take place when I will be seeing her again. A shock wave of fear goes through my body. If she behaves as she did at the gale night, I am telling you I am going to lose my shit.

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