“I will tell you everything later.” Inessa is standing in front of the window, a white shirt is concealing her pale naked body, which was underneath my torso for the most part of the night.

I open my eyes a little bit more to see her properly; she is talking to someone on the phone, explaining our marriage. It’s still dark outside, I think it is not more than 4:30 in the morning; I wonder who the hell is calling my wife at this inappropriate time.

The only name that comes to my mind is Luke Hall. Whether it’s he on the other side of the phone or he is the one who is calling her at this time of the night, I am announcing war against him. I can easily chew him away.

“Bye.” She cuts the call, runs her hand through her long hair.

She stands a bit longer near the window, admiring the view before coming to the bed.

Without making any sound, she lies down on the bed again; I roll over to her and pull her close to my chest. One hand is on her waist while the other one goes under her head.

I suck her throat roughly in the determination to leave a mark in her sweet white throat. In, the daylight the hickey will shine and scream on her body, telling everyone she is mine.

“Who called you at this time?” I ask her as I play with her breasts lazily.

“Are you awake?” She whispers, and I second after a sweet moan comes from her.

I open the shirt buttons as I keep kissing down. With every kiss I get a moan from her, she moves elegantly underneath mine as if she is dancing ballet, and our moaning sound is her music.

“Who called you, Inessa?” I take her breast to my mouth.

I love her breasts; I think they are my favorite. They are not big, not small, just perfect for my hand and mouth. I can suck, munch them for 24 hours and seven days.

“My friend Veronica.” She moans. “She is on vacation with her family. I didn’t tell her about our wedding, she found out from the news, so she called to talk about this.”

I push my finger into her waiting pussy, which was dripping wet and ready for me. With a few thrusts of fingers, she is all prepared to take me inside her tight pussy.

And then we enjoyed two more rounds before falling into sleep early in the morning.

London’s gloomy, wet weather is not something I like, this country’s weather makes me remember some kind of tragedy. I don’t know why, whenever I am here, all the sadness comes to mind. I blame the weather for this.

Never in my life have I had a peaceful sleep while staying here. The cold weather, murky sky, earthly smell from the grass, slippery roads are not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy any of these, more than they annoy me to the core.

I have been visiting this place more frequently for the past two years now; I have a penthouse booked for me at the top of the 33rd floor of this building, which I don’t care about.

This for the first time I am here with a female, most correctly my wife. Like my Chicago apartment, none of my residences have any women as their guests. My sisters are different in that area. Viola mostly lives in New York, Manhattan now, she comes a few times a year and prefers to stay at our father’s house. Even when she was in the town, she never really visited me as I am frequently at my father’s house.

Lyra has been to my place a lot. She always packed my freezer with food. She has an extra key and she used it, but on my wedding day, she gave me that key back.

Other than them, no one ever set their feet in any of my houses.

I am supposed to attend a business meeting here. Dada thought it would be great if I brought Inessa with me rather than leaving her home alone. He thinks it doesn’t look good if my new bride stays home for a week right after our marriage while I work.

First, I wanted to protest. I mean, it’s not as if I am here for some sort of fun or anything. I will be busy from day to night; however, now I am glad to have her with me here.

On our way here, I also arranged a brief vacation for us in Italy, as Inessa, seeing her disappointment with us, was here for my work, not for our honeymoon. I decided to give her what she wanted.

After I finish my work here, we can fly to Italy. I have only two-day worth of work here, meeting some investors and cracking the deal, that’s all I need to do. I am suspecting everything will be done in a day if I can convince them.

I sit with my investor at the lounge of the penthouse that I am staying in with Inessa. It’s already been 6 hours since this meeting started, I am expecting to finish this sooner than I thought as most of them are in the same boat as me.

“So, I think I agree with Brian.” Gave Malcolm says.

Gave Malcolm recently replaced his father and become the company CEO. I got to know him from all the social gatherings and parties we attended. Also, I know he loved Olivia as his own sister.

I think he cried most after her death, he even arranged some party to honor her, which I skipped. I would have shown my presence at the party, but that was the same night I got to know how she betrayed me with her sweet talk and tears.

She was good at manipulation, like my mother. I was surprised, knowing she could blind me even after her death. The way we stayed together for five years was suffocating for me, I realized after getting freedom. It felt so sweet, refreshing, and loving that I almost cried.

“Last time we worked with the Halls, it was disastrous.” Dean Harper, one of my friends, says.

Dean is the with whom I grew up. We went to the same school, our father’s work with one another, our family maintain a cordial relationship that also played a part in us. Generally, we are respectful towards each other.

It was all over the news. The hotel project they were working on with the Halls collapsed in the middle of construction on a bright day. About 30 workers lost their lives, one architect was on the spot dead. After investigation, it was found that using cheap material was the reason for this downfall; the Halls lost a billion dollars because of that, even Richard Hall was in jail for four years with a million-dollar forfeit to the victim’s family.

That was my time to raise my empire. At the time Richard was in jail rotting, Nathan, his older son, stepped on his shoe but failed to gain the trust of the public and also the investors, so he chose the easy way to strengthen them.

Gambling, the casinos all around the Chicago’s are all there, Nathan built Halls stronger than ever, no one can deny his shrewd mind. I must say that was a brilliant move having that negative impact, he made the best of the worst he had on his plate, still; I hate that bastard.

“So, let’s sign the documents if we all agree.” I suggest.

“Yeah, our Brian can’t wait to run to his wife.” Gave smiles.

We all shake our hands, cheer and drink a glass of champagne after the deal is done. Thank God, now we can leave for Italy tonight.

“Are you going to Italy for your honeymoon?” Dean asks.

I nod.

“We are on our way, buddy.” He winks.

“What the hell does that mean?” I frown.

“You remember you invited us on your honeymoon right before your engagement.”

Damn me, I forgot that completely. After dada told me about the arranged marriage between me and Inessa, I lost my fucking mind and invited all my friends to the honeymoon that we would be going on after the marriage.

That was the anger that did this kind of work for me. I mean, you can also blame my revenge bone that has been glued to my body since my birth, I guess.

Now all of them will be there, which means no alone sweet time with my young wife. After last night I wanted her on my bed all night and day without any disturbance. I planned everything that will keep us on the bed in Italy or the place where we can fuck, but now all my fantasy is deep in the ocean.

If my whole friend group is there, then I know how it will go, too much alcohol, loud music, parties all night long without a break.

I love my friends, but now I think I am changing. After Olivia, I think I want to change my lifestyle. Now that I am married I think the reckless days of my life are over. It has to be. If not, I like to draw the finish line here.

The life that my friends inhale is borderline unhealthy. There are not even my friend that way, it was Olivia who introduced me to all of them, and slowly they became my friend. Otherwise, I didn’t have time for these friends and parties.

I am the only one married in my friend's group; I know it’s hard for them to understand my position but I also can’t stay with Inessa all the time.

She is a temptation that I need to avoid. I can’t let her fool me the way my mother did to my father. It will be great if I can keep her at arm’s length.

Only this week I will be with her, after we return home, she can do whatever she wants, stay at home, charity, work while I will be at the office. There will be distance, so much that I will forget her or her fragrance.

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