“Sir, you have an eleven-clock meeting with the investors later, another with Mr. Curtis around 5 pm, and the dinner meeting with Mr. Dean Harper,” Linda confirms my to-do list for the day, like all the time.

This is the first thing Linda does every morning. She confirms my work timetable, takes note if I need something or needs to do something after that she goes to her, and I give attention to mine.

Except for today, there is a disaster.

I wanted to talk to Inessa last night about her changing attitude. She’s coming home late, it is growing into a pattern for her now, the fastest she comes home is 10 pm after dinner, occasionally it’s after 12 am.

Every time I asked her where she was, she said lies. Sometimes she was with Veronica, which was a white lie. I saw the messages between them. Veronica is not talking to her. She is currently angry after the auction incident between us.

Sometimes she would s

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