The sound is growing heavier. I try not to give any attention to that act what I am doing but nope, this fucking noise is just getting rowdy. I settle the cushion over my head to cut off the echo from wherever that is showing up. With my two hands, I put pressure around my ears over the cushion in order to kill the vibration. It still doesn’t work.

“Fuck it.” I get up from the bed and sit down in the midst of the bed.

Because of my hasty movement, I lose my balance and almost fall down on the bed again. I hold my skull with two of my hands and scream. The thumping noise that feels as if a hammer was striking some metal material is nowhere but in my head.

The headache that I am dealing with right now is the clanging noise that wakes me up from my sleep when I finally enjoy nights of sleep after so many sleepless nights.

“You are up, big guy?” Robbie’s head peeps through the door.


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