Three weeks later,

Life goes on. I get settled in my apartment with Mavin the night I leave Brian, our marriage, and our house.

I wept the first week was the toughest to pass with everything in my mind and the current development as a single parent; it was stifling at a point. Of course, Maria is still here for me, it’s rough.

Without having Brian by my side, I understand I indirectly depended on him for many things. The way we experienced our lives for the last two months was incredible.

Every morning waking up simultaneously, having sex in the shower, eating breakfast, leaving together for my college and his office as most of the time he gave me a ride, coming home, waiting for him, dinner with marvelous food and giggle, cuddle on the couch with a movie on the background or his work on the laptop, falling on the bed together, having sex, cuddling again before collapsing in the dream in one another’s ar

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