2 years later

“Dada, we are going to be late. Hurry up.” Mavin, our son, roars.

This is his morning custom. He wakes up before everyone in this house and starts screaming for us to start our day. Morning sex is now just a delightful dream for us. Mavin doesn’t allow a minute for Brian and me to have some delicious morning sex.

“Mama, you need to be in a hurry, too. Today is the parent’s day of my school.”

“We should throw his get-up-and-go thing out of the window,” Brian murmurs. “I’m starting to hate kids again.”

“You love him and kids too,” I mumble in sleep. “That’s why you adopted him after proposing to me for marriage. And the little girl Aurora we are adopting tomorrow is also your decision, Mr. McCoy.”

“I am going to regret it again. I have a feeling, you know.”

“Mama, dada, hurry up.” Mavin thwacks on our bedroom door.

Two years ago, on my graduation


Thank you so much all for supporting and reading my book. I can't express my gratitude in words. I hope you all had a pleasant time and enjoyed every bit of reading this as much I enjoyed writing the story . once again thank you all, and love you all.

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