56 - Bittersweet


"You have to breathe."

The very words rattled my already aching head and body. Nothing anybody could say was taking this pain away. They offered herbs but I wouldn't take them.

I didn't deserve them.

'Gideon you need to let me take over,' Otto was panicking inside my mind. Meanwhile Philo had long since run into the recesses for safety of what I might hurl their direction. To say I was able to be reasoned with right now was far beyond the truth. The moment the pains set in I knew a day I was dreading inevitably had come.

"Gideon," this time it was my grandmother's voice breaking through the loud noise. I knew she wasn't going to take no for an answer. When Sadie set her mind to something she got what she wanted. It was where this retched bloodline's terrible curse of stubborness came from.

Fuck. I was passing this onto Kailani as well. Just another fucking thing that was to be added to the mile long list of fuck ups I've made.

"Gideon stop resisting and let Ottto take ov
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Elizabeth Jensen
Has something happened? I fear this must be the end as the book hasn't been updated for 5 bad, was such a great story
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Lana Hines
is this still being updated every other day I. need to no the end now
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