Chapter 186

"Hey Olivia. What's wrong?" Warren asked worried. Olivia still stood there as if she was frozen. She couldn't move a muscle. 

"I've had enough of this debacle. Miss Francis, if you don't have anything to say to me, I best start going," Mark said. He was about to leave when Jamie arrived. She was so happy to see Warren and her boss finally met each other.

"Warren, I'm so glad you can make it here today. Now you can finally meet my boss," she said. Warren looked at Mark from head to toe. Was this the man that he was supposed to meet? Who would've known the world was such a small place. 

"Why would I want to meet this idiot?" Mark asked.

Warren didn't pay any mind to either of them. He was just surprised that Mark turned out to be thee Mr Clifford. Warren wasn't so sure about going into business with them anymore. 

"Olivia, let me get you home." Warren offered. She nodded. Warren pulled her by the hand and brought her to his car. Yvonne

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