Chapter 187

Warren didn't waste any time to linger around. He had to go after Olivia. She was beyond pissed at him.  He knew that he messed up big time. She seemed to be spooked by something else before she got to find out about his fling with Jamie. It's not as if he was cheating. Warren felt that he was clearly within his rights to move on, since Olivia was presumed dead by that point. 

"Are you really going to leave now, Warren?" Jamie asked. She looked as if she was holding on to the final thread of hope. She knew that if Warren decided to leave, that thread would snap and it would sent her spiraling downwards, out of control. 

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Jamie. It was never my intention to hurt you. It's just that, I can't afford to lose Olivia. I lost her to death once, and now that I have her back, I can't do it again," Warren explained. Jamie didn't understand what Warren was talking about. How could he have lost her to death if she was clearly

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Diner J Benford-Mc
please tell me one more chapters will be ready this is an excellent book

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