Chapter 7

"What do you mean when you say he was my mother's greatest loss?" Warren asked puzzled.

Thinking about what he just said, Uncle Geoffrey immediately frowned and said "Never mind."

"Although we kept this a secret from you for such a long time, I want you to know that your mother had a very good reason for it."

"She had know an indescribable joy when she met your father. But you should know that when someone learns to love so deeply, they are even more vulnerable to disappointment and heartache."

Still trying to come to terms with the fact that his father is one of the richest men in all of the Cape Continent, Warren couldn't help but feel that his uncle's reasoning made sense.

What happened between his mother and father? Even though something terrible might have occurred, it didn't make sense that he and his family had to suffer in poverty for such a long time, when he had a father who could afford anything he wanted.

"Warren, I know that you're confused and have a lot of questions right now, but I want you to remember, everything we did was for your own good."

The only reason we're telling you this now is because your father found out about your existence. He wants you to go to the Parker mansion and become one of the young masters there."

"We cannot decide for you, but I advise you strongly against doing that. Your mother would have liked you to be free from any chains that might bind you."

Warren pondered on his uncle's words for a long time and nodded in silence.

They kept talking into the late hours of the night, when they finally grew tired and headed straight to bed.

Early the next morning Warren was woken up by the sound of Aunt Joanne hustling and bustling in the kitchen.

It has been so long that he has forgotten how his aunt hates being idle.

He took a quick shower and joined her in the kitchen.

"Anything you need me to do, Aunt Joanne?" he asked with a smile.

"Morning son. Nothing right here, except we ran out of bacon a little while ago. Do you mind going to the supermarket and buy some. Here's the money," she said as she handed Warren a 200 dollar bill.

Warren could only smile wryly as he nodded and took the money.

Thirty minutes later he arrived at their local supermarket. It's best to go so early in order to avoid the queues, since the supermarket can get very congested during the day.

As he scanned through the shelves, he suddenly heard a voice behind him.

"If it isn't our little Warren. Long time no see," the voice said.

Warren turned around and was surprised as well as embarrassed to see who the voice belonged to.

"Cassidy, it-its you..." Warren said without looking her in the eyes.

Cassidy and Warren attended the same high school.

At first,  she never paid any attention to him, since he was so poor and she was the richest girl in the class.

However, once she noticed how shabby he was dressed and couldn't even enjoy any luxuries that most of her classmates could, she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him.

Cassidy wasn't only rich, she was also beautiful and compassionate. It makes sense that Warren fell for her.

"What have you been up to? I haven't seen you in such a long time, and I have to say that you have matured quite nicely," she remarked.

Warren blushed instantly and bowed his head, afraid that she might see his red cheeks.

"And you look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you," Warren flirted, while his sweaty hands scratched the back of his head.

Cassidy smiled. Warren could feel his legs go wobbly.

'Who can resist such a beauty like her? If only..."

"You must have waited a long time, Cass," a voice interrupted Warren's thoughts.

Spinning around, he saw the voice belonged to another one of his old acquaintances, Gary Robertson.

Gary and Warren know each other quite well. He was also one of the rich kids, but he lacked the compassion that Cassidy had. Because of this, he often bullied Warren and made fun of his clothes and awkwardness.

He was the reason that Warren lost even the little bit of confidence he had left during their time in Wellington High. That incident still haunts Warren till this day.

'Why did it have to be him. She could be with anyone, so why him?' Warren thought to himself as he could feel himself shivering.

Gary scanned Warren up and down with a frown on his face.

'Why does his face look so familiar?' Gary thought.

Seeing the puzzled look on Gary's face, Cassidy felt awkward. Naturally she knew what happened between Gary and Warren and she didn't want to put Warren in an uncomfortable position. There wasn't any particular relationship between herself and Gary, but their parents encouraged them to start one.

Reluctantly, Cassidy compromised, although she still was still hesitant about it. Gary is rich and all, but he lacks sophistication, that's why Cassidy didn't see the need for a relationship with someone like him. She only agreed to meet him today as per her father's order.

"Gary, this is Warren from Wellington High. We were just catching up," Cassidy said.

'Warren? Where have I heard that name before?' Gary thought.

Suddenly a picture flashed through his mind. It was a picture of a bald-headed youth.

A smile appeared around the corners of Gary's lips and there were traces of mischief in his eyes.

"If it isn't the Wax Man! How have you been?" Gary said while laughing out loud.

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