Chapter 10

Still looking in awe at Warren's back as he was leaving, Miss Sun's thoughts were interrupted when Kayla pulled on her hand.

"Miss Sun, could you please call my mommy. I want to go home. It is not right of me to bother you on your day off." Kayla didn't want her teacher to feel bad, since she already felt as if she was a burden to her. 

"Don't worry, Kayla. I will call her immediately so that you may be reunited with her." 

After that Miss Sun called a number and conversed with a certain individual for a minute or two.

30 minutes later a Porsche Taycan arrived at the school gate. Out stepped a very beautiful and elegant woman. She looked as if she was in her mid twenties and her exquisite and classy demeanor could turn any men's knees into jelly. She greeted Miss Sun and after a few pleasantries, she left with Kayla. 

Warren, on the other hand, just arrived at home. His aunt was waiting for him with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She didn't look happy at all. It is understandable, since she sent Warren on an errand which usually would take around 40 minutes. However, it took him more than 2 hours to finally return. The bacon and groceries which he bought have long since lost its intended purpose, since breakfast was already over and it is almost time for lunch. Warren could see that she wasn't in a good mood, but he also felt embarrassed since didn't know where to start explaining.

He felt that it would be best to accept the reprimands that his aunt would dish out. To his surprise, his aunt's face immediately turned into a smile.  Aunt Joanne saw the embarrassed look on Warren's face and felt that it wouldn't make sense to make him feel any worse than he already does. She felt that she could let it slide this time, since she already sees so little of Warren.

"Come inside. Don't stand around for too long," she said with a polite voice. "I know something must have happened, that's why it took you so long to return, right?"

Warren could only smile wryly and shrug his shoulders. He really felt bad, but it wouldn't help his current situation if he tried explaining about his encounter with Kayla.

He followed his aunt into the house, and immediately went to his room after he put down the groceries. After that he took out his phone to look for any new messages. To his surprise there were a few. One message in particular stood out. It was from Cassidy and read "Warren, I'm sorry about Gary's behaviour earlier today. I hope you do not feel too bad about it. Also, I meant what I said this morning. I have an extra ticket for the function that Gary will hold tomorrow. I would really appreciate it if you could come. I'm looking forward to hearing from you."

Warren smiled from ear to ear when he read the message. 'It seems like Cassidy really cares about me. I might just take her up on this offer,' he thought to himself. He pondered on the decision for a few more seconds and finally responded "It would be a honour to attend this auspicious occasion."

Thereafter,  he scrolled through the rest of his messages,  with none of them seeming to be too important. There was also a message from Samuel. He decided it would be best to call, since he wanted an update on everything that is currently happening at the university. There were no particular newsworthy events, although Samuel reminded Warren of the annual fundraising event which would happen in three days. Warren already forgot about it.

This served as a reminder to him that he should return as soon as possible.  He thought that he day after tomorrow would be the ideal time to return since he had to be there because attendance is compulsory. He also know that he cannot hide forever from everything that is happening at the university. From the betrayal he suffered at the hands of Jennifer, to his embarrassment with Claudia and Lloyd. Sooner or later, he has to face the music. The change of scenery did him some good, but after the function tomorrow, he will have to make preparations to return. 

"I will see you the day after tomorrow. There is still some stuff I have to take care of here at home. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Warren joked. They laughed and after saying their goodbye, Warren put his phone away. 

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful, except for a few chores that Warren had to do at home. Evening arrived and he received another message from Cassidy to remind him of the function. That night he slept like a log. Tomorrow he will see his high school crush again. Although his chances of ever getting together with her, is less than zero, it couldn't hurt to fantasize about it a little.

Early the next morning, Warren woke up refreshed and ready for the day. Nothing could bring him down. Not the bully, Gary and certainly not his uncle's constant reminder of his father. He is already in his early twenties. He doesn't need a father who hasn't been there for all his life, so why would he care about building a relationship with him now? Its only his uncle who feels that Warren doesn't take this matter seriously enough. Johnathan Parker is his father and that is something which will never change. If he wants Warren to build a relationship with him, it will happen. The word 'no' doesn't exist in the vocabulary of a person like Johnathan. 

Warren, however, only has one thought on his mind. It is about a certain brunette who exudes elegance with every step she takes. Her royalty knew no measures. So why would he care about all of these trivial matters. Everything pales in the face of overwhelming beauty, and saying that Cassidy is beautiful, is understatement.

Excitedly, Warren glanced at his watch. 'Only 2 more hours,' he thought to himself. 

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