88. Epilogue


“Aryan!” a woman's voice came, a child's laughter echoed in the halls of the palace. The boy who was not even five yet giggled as he hurried out through the open doors, past the guards who looked startled to see the young prince rushing through the halls.

“Your majesty,” they said bowing to the young woman who was running after the prince. “The crown prince…”

“Yes…” Layana said shaking her head, none of the guards could approach him without him zapping them with lightning. Like his father, he had inherited the bloodline of House Storm.

“Aryan,” Layana said again her own eyes flashing as she stepped into the front courtyard, her pale pink dress billowing softly in the wind. The little boy froze from where he had been trying to escape, sensing his mother’s eyes on him.

“I did not hear you calling me mother,” he said his large grey eyes looking innocent, an innocence Layana knew was not real, his dark brown hair fell in his eyes.

“I am sure you didn’t,” Layana sai
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Patricia Leota
Loved this story! I really hope it gets a sequel
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Jocelyn Roman
This book needs to become a movie! Bravo another well written book.
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You can just take all my gems this book like all the others was amazing...️...️...️
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