11. A Vision

“Ignite!” she whispered, feeling the coldness envelop her despite it being a warm night. Deep in the stone walls of the palace she felt cold. “Ignite!” she felt frustrated with the stone that remained dark in her hand.

“It won't work, these passageways are probably made so no magic can work here,” Declan's voice came

“Then how are we supposed to see ?” she replied trying to feel for the walls when her hand touched something warm, she froze realising she was touching Declan's chest and made to pull away “sorry!”

“I'm beginning to wonder if you simply just wanted to get me alone,” he said mockingly gripping her wrist, something about her touch awakened something inside of him.

“You wish,” she retorted jerking her hand free from his hold

“Don’t think so highly of yourself princess, you are not my type,” he replied, thinking if he had a type she would be it.

“Good, and you are not mine either,” she shot back not knowing why his blatant refusal irked her.

“Well, since we’ve clarifie
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Marshmallow 🌸
I feel like declan is sasuke from naruto but with a better brain .........
goodnovel comment avatar
Tina Weldon
Getting interesting, I believe she is the hope and the light to Declan's darkness........

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