13. Lightning

“I ask for a wager, if I win, you will grant me my wish,” Layana said now looking at her father seriously, Evaan narrowed his eyes,

“Very well, continue,” he said

“For my eighteenth birthday, I wish to train to fight, then to challenge you in a duel, if I win you will allow me to ride into battle in your stead,” Layana said, her soft voice loud and clear in the garden.

Evaans’ eyes widened in shock, of all the assumptions he had, this was one he did not even consider.

“No! Layana this is not a joke, it takes years to train and to reach a calibre to lead and organise an army!” the king snapped at her incredulous request,

“I do not need to lead. We have generals for that, I only need to be at the head of the battle-”

“Never! You are a princess Layana! I will never allow my daughter to ride into battle whilst I sit at home like a coward” Evaan snapped

“You gave me your word father,” she said quietly.

Evaan frowned knowing he couldn't go back on his words, and it was not like she c
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Nahima Rajab
Declan is being emotional
goodnovel comment avatar
I think Cordelia has asked her father to ask for Declan. He is her first choice. I suspect he will decline and that will hurt. Then when he shows more interest in Layana, that resentment will grow and possible lead her to betray her family at the hands of the dark lord. But that is just me.

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