14. The King's Lie

“You wanted to see me,” Declan said once he had entered the king’s office not caring to bow, the anger that rolled off him filled the air of the circular room thickly.

Through the bars, the window was cracked open, the sound of distant sounds in the palace courtyards filtered into the otherwise silent office. The king looked at him wondering if now was the best time to put the proposal forward. But perhaps the offer would calm the man down...

“Ah yes take a seat Declan,” Evaan said, it had been just over an hour since he spoke to Layana and had finally calmed himself down. Having sent the word that no one was to train the princess at any cost. He had then had a drink of wine before summoning Declan knowing he would be taking a break from training around now. Declan looked at the seat

“I'm fine standing,” he said directly disobeying the king. Evaan frowned slightly but said nothing. If it was anyone else he would be punished. It was clear the Storm bloodline ran through the man befor
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