The Mysterious CEO

Ansha sees him approaching her table and her breathing seems to stop right there. She does not expect him to do anything reckless as anything personal of her is not related to him. But again he is Ahmer, the successful CEO of the province’s best company and emerging future of the country. No one can expect less from him in any matter.

Only to a few people, the identity of the CEO of S.D Group & Companies is revealed. The employees working under him and the people he meets including business dealers, news anchors, reporters, and more people were first asked not to disclose his identity and the consequences were not good if someone seems to forget this promise. 

One time a news reporter takes an interview of the mysterious and successful CEO, he was already instructed not to take any photos. He agreed but later he tried to sell the pictures of the CEO taken from a hidden camera in the interview to his foreign competitors who were after his life. That repor

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