Who is He?

Chapter 2

Is it Love or Hate?

Few days later....

She was attending her last lecture of the day.

She tries to concentrate on what the teacher is saying but she can't.

She always seats in the first row, as it helps her not letting her mind anywhere else. But today this method also was not working for her.

Her mind was again and again going on that mysterious man.

She was sure that she has seen him anywhere else before but she can't remember where. She can't even remember the time.

And for her the main issue is that these are already the last week of the semester and she don't even see him again after that day. She always tries to look for him whenever she had a chance to look around outside her class. She also waits for him on the main gate just like first time, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After this week there will be final exams of the semester and all will be busy.

"Uhh! I can't even share this with anyone." She groans inwardly and put her head down on her copy and closes her eyes. Her heart was restless.

Again, his image appeared in her mind. She tried to let it go but she fails, again.

"My child! Are you alright?"

The voice of her teacher sounds above her head and that pulls her back into her present scenario.

"Yes! Yes Sir! I'm alright." She said stuttering and thus embarrassed herself in front of whole class.

"Dear I know this is the season of summer, your B.P must be low."

Teacher closes his book and that's how she knows that lecture has already ended and the *C.R (Class Representative - also known as class monitor) is taking the attendance.

"And you kids do not even do your breakfasts before coming to university". Teacher continues with sympathy.

"This is bound to happen then."

"And you, my child!" He pointed to Rabeel who was seating beside Ansha.

She was seating leisurely but after the sudden attention she hurriedly sit straight.

"Take your friend to canteen after the class and give her something like **ORS."

"Yes Sir! You don't have to worry. I'll take care of her". Rabeel replied with suppressing her laugh.

Ansha looked at her with her cheeks full of red shade.

With that attendance were taken and they finally leave the class.

" Let's go to the canteen and you take some ORS there." Rabeel teased her finally letting out her laugh which she was suppressing for so long.

"It's not funny". Ansha replied with her cheeks still of red shade.

"So, who said to you to give us this last piece of entertainment?".

"I don't do it on purpose. It's just......"

"What? Say more." Rabeel said with her one eyebrow raised.

"You think I didn't notice you? For the past few days, you are the most frustrated person on this earth for me."

"You're just restless Ansha! Tell me what's the problem. What it is you hiding from me?" Rabeel questioned her.

"Oh, it's nothing of too much importance. As you know exams are approaching and I'm just anxious about it. It's our first semester and want to perform well in it." She lied to her best friend.

"It's OK if it's only the exam's tension. But don't stress out yourself."

"Yes, you don't have to worry about me." She said with a smile.

"OK so let's go to the Girls' Common Room. I want to freshen up before going outside in this heat."

"You go ahead. I'll just drop these assignments in teacher's office and will join you there."

Rabeel agreed and move forward whereas Ansha just take a right turn and go to the office.

Ansha take her time there as she was getting the next instructions of her teacher.

When she was just about to go into main corridor from office's, she saw someone passing through the corridor. She stops right there. Her mystery man was right in front of her.

He also cast a glance in her direction and after seeing her, he also pauses for a moment. Then, he just continues to move forward.

Again, this all just happened in less than 2 minutes.

She just gets out there in main corridor just to see him two steps ahead of her. She noticed that he deliberately slowed his pace.

She walked right past him.

In the way she meets Rabeel and their other friends. She informs her that they all are planning to go nearby restaurant. She agreed to them.

They all passed through the building entry gate and just stand with the garden fence. They discussed that they should wait here for some time as there is time in restaurant to open.

She was conscious of the fact that he was just right behind her. But did he also come outside or just remain in the building.

Ansha seated herself on the garden stairs so that she can see towards the entry gate.

And there he was. Seating on entry gate stairs with his friends. She tries to remember his friend's face.

She moves her face away from them towards her friends as she thinks he was about to look in her direction.

She was again in her own thoughts. Strangely her heart was calm but there is this feeling.

The feeling that she can't describe. It’s like it is saying to her that if she will not do anything, she will lost too much.

She came to her senses again when she saw him going towards canteen with his friends. He once again looks at her and then just move forward as if nothing happened.

That feeling, that sharp pain just intensified.

The day passed.

And there is again this sleepless and restless night.

She wants to sort out her feelings. She does not want to consider this love or even likeness. There is just mysterious kind of attraction towards him.

Many times, she tried to avoid it as she does not have any prior experience of these love kind of feelings.

Soon there will be her 18th birthday. She does not want to be in any useless relationship.

Her idea of dating was always of high standard. Date for marriage or just stay away. She was clear in her objective. But choosing someone without his knowledge for marriage, this was already contradictory to her belief. Also, she does not have her feelings sorted out.

She doesn’t want to go so far, so early.

First of all. She has to know, who is he?


B.P - Blood Pressure

*CR - Class Representative/ Class Monitor

There is also a term GR (Girls' Representative).

CR is usually a boy where in class there are boys in majority. And GR will be like Vice CR.

**ORS - It is an edible product. It's powder like substance. Mixed with water to drink to treat dehydration.

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