Ch8: Back in the past

Five years earlier

“Heyyy Ariella, want to know what Aunty Pamela got you?” Thelma cooed five-year-old Ella. It was a week after Ella’s birthday and they promised Ella that they will open all the gifts a week after. The weather was cold, snow and ice coated the streets and houses, Thelma took a green wrapped gift signed by her sister Pamela and opened it with a cutter. 

“Aww a tinker bell pen. That’s weird? Right babe.” She frowned at the gift wondering why her sister had gotten Ella a pen, Thelma dropped the box beside her and heard something jiggle inside, she frowned again and carefully carried the box in her hands shaking it again for confirmation, it jiggled again she traced the inside of the box and found a hole inserting her index finger she pulled on it and it revealed a cute golden chain decorated with little fairies and an envelope beneath.

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