2. Meeting my stepfather

Harley POV

Three days ago after I told mom that I am not against it anymore. I mean her relationship with Mr. Evo Montero. After researching this stranger man, I was dumbfounded to learn that he's not an ordinary old guy. He was known as the famous Mr. VIP in Moonstar Magazine. 

I have no idea how mom found him or how he became attracted to my mother but I am glad that she's happy and planning on having a new partner in life. My main concern was that his marriage proposal was sudden and that made me feel worried. 

So I decided to meet him personally. Mom agreed to it after we talk about him yesterday. 



Margaret wrapped her arms around her daughter Harley and felt relieved after her daughter agreed to accept Evo as her boyfriend. 

"Thanks, sweetie. I'm sorry if I lied but I did it because I don't want to shock or hurt you. You're in your fourth year in high school, soon, you'll go to college." She muttered with her sudden sniffs. 

Harley face her mom and took her hands. She brought it to her lips while wearing her sweet smile. 

"Yes, I have to because I want you to be happy, mom but can u have a favor please?", she told her about meeting Mr. Montero personally. 

Margaret started to laugh after hearing those words from her only daughter. She just turned eighteen last month and she can't believe that she's thinking more mature now. 

She nods her head while laughing still. 

" Of course, you can meet and talk to him. I'll call him now. He can come here to join us for dinner, is it okay with you?", her mom asked her wearing her smile as wrinkled appeared on her forehead. 

Even though Margaret aged a lot, you can still see that she's a pretty woman in her late twenties. Her curly brown hair, thick eyebrows, and mesmerizing eyes which every guy will stares and praise at. No wonder a rich business tycoon noticed her exotic beauty. 

And also, her daughter Harley acquired her beauty but their difference was her daughter is taller than her. Some said that they look like twins if Margaret was young. 

End of flashback


While waiting for my mom's boyfriend, I can say that I'm a bit nervous. He's a famous business tycoon and who can say that lowlife people like us will become part of his family circle? 

It's seven in the evening when a red Mercedes-Benz car parks in front of our gate. 

I get up from my chair and check outside. My eyes widened when I saw Mr. Montero with his two bodyguards holding six shopping bags and two bouquets. I wonder if it's for us because it's my first time seeing those extravagant bags in my whole life. 

Mom went outside too and the smile on her face didn't leave. She's very excited to see him again. 

"Evo! You're here. Thank you for coming. I cooked something nice. " she happily welcome him. 

When you will ask me, I'm speechless. I was like being star-struck by this old man. You can't tell that he's in his late forties. His hard shape jaws, beautiful white teeth, sharp gaze, manly broad shoulders, and a smile that could lighten your day made me feel so lucky for my mom. 

" Harley, right?", when his gaze went towards me, it was late when I realize that he was talking to me. 

"Sweetie, your Uncle Evo is talking to you." Mom pushes my elbow while looking at him. 

My cheeks gleamed before I replied to him while staring at that bouquet of tulip flowers in his both hands. 

" Yeah, Harley sir. Nice meeting you." I softly replied and we all went inside. 

I saw him giving me a smile with a bit of eyeblink and it feels a bit awkward but just set aside that feeling. 

" Guards put them inside too!", I heard him ordering them to take the bags inside. 

While thinking about it, not telling myself that I'm a gold digger, I'm just excited to open each one of them who's for me because it's my first time in eight years to receive these fabulous gifts. 

When the three of us are inside, I sat on the couch facing both of them on the same couch. He gave the flowers to us after. 

"For you, Margaret, and for you, Harley. I hope both of you like them." He said while offering those flowers to us. 

I saw mom take it with a bit of giggle like she's just a teenager. 

I took it with just a smile. 

"Thank you, sir Evo." I simply said and smells them. 

He shook his head telling me not to call him sir. 

"Just call me Dad. No more sir because in a few days, your mom and I will get married as soon as possible. We only wanted you blessings, Harley." His voice sounded calm. 

I don't know if I'm ready to call him dad but I just set a half-smile on my face. 

I saw mom widening her eyes on me. Maybe she's waiting for my good answer but I chose not to talk back. Silence meddles with the three of us when sir Evo broke it. 

"Those shopping bags with pink color is for you Harley and the golden one is for you, honey." As he muttered the word honey, there was a sweetness on it and I saw mom giggle again. 

I just bit my lower lip to hide my excitement toward her. But as I look up again, I saw sir Evo staring at me. 

I was about to ask him about it when he stood up and told us to have dinner outside but I told him that mom made dinner for us. 

"If you'll excuse me, sir, the food is now ready at the table. Let's just eat here." I told him but I saw how his expression change into a rude one. 

"I booked a hotel for only the three of us, sweetie Harley. Come on, wear something nice. Margaret, there are dresses inside the bags. You both can check and choose what to wear. " he ordered his pets and I didn't find it appealing since it was my first time meeting him formally. 

Can I let my mom marry this guy?

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