4. Welcome Home

Margaret POV 

I know being a single mom wasn't easy and maybe some of you can relate to me. Yes, I am a single mom for eight years and I raise my daughter Harley alone without dating anyone in my entire mid-thirties until Evo Montero came. He's known as Mr. VIP, one of the business tycoons, he's famous and a well-mannered person but I never thought that he will become the reason too how our life turned upside down. 



News reporter:

Mrs. Margaret Montero, did you ever regret being Mr. VIP's fifth legal wife?

Margaret: No, I am not. I'm happy to be one of them. I loved him. I'm grateful to have him in my life, in our lives. 

( There's a tension in between her answers. The whole media are watching the live broadcast of one of Evo's fifth wife Margaret.)

The news reporter cleared her throat and ask her another question. 

News reporter: How about being your daughter's rival? 

Margaret's eyes widened after hearing it. Everyone started booing at her while all their faces are laughing. She had no idea what the reporter was talking about. 


My life and relationship with my daughter weren't easy. Yes, it wasn't good at first but as time goes by, I decided to accept it. 

I'll tell you our story. 


Margaret POV

After our honeymoon, my husband Evo talked to me about buying us a new home. Yes, we don't move to where he lived but he said to buy a house for the three of us. After learning about it, I wanted to jump in joy so I called my daughter Harley right away while we were preparing to go back to Cebu. 

"Hello, mom? Why you're calling in the middle of the night?", I heard my daughter asking me in her drowsy tone. 

I am near the window while my husband Evo was sleeping soundly on our hotel bed. I'm just excited to tell her right away about having a new home. 

" Hey, sweetie! I am just excited to wait till morning to tell you this good news! Want to know about it?",  I wanted to surprise her so I need some extra thrill. 

"Hmmm, tell me, mom, hurry! I started to fall asleep again." She replied to me so I took a deep breath and told her about her stepfather's getting us a new place to live comfortably and peacefully. 

I thought telling her tonight will make her happy but she reacted when I woke her. 

"I'll tell you tomorrow okay? I and your dad will be home at eight in the morning so you have to be ready, okay." I informed my daughter with a deep sigh while looking outside the hotel window. 

I looked up at the dark sky while counting the stars. I don't know why I feel so lonely tonight.  We just got married but my new husband doesn't seem happy about it. He changed a lot. His sweetness subsided after he took me. 

I just looked down and slowly went back to the bed when he instantly opened his eyes. It's a gaze of a tiger. He got up and pulled me close to him. 

"Whom you're talking to? Do you have any men other than me!?! Why you're awake at this hour?", he shouted at me and harshly pulled me against him. 

I was surprised and tongue-tied by what he did. 

"Aww, you're hurting me!", I winced in pain while his hands grip my arms. 

" I called Harley to let her know about our new home, that's all!", I told him, and then he turned calm. 

He suddenly let me go and made a worried face. 

" I'm so sorry, honey. I thought you were talking to somebody", he replied and dug his face into his palms. 

He started crying like a baby so I crouch down and wrapped my arms around him. 

"Shhhh, it's okay. I'm not mad. I'm sorry too for being awake this late. Come on, let's back to sleep now." I said softly and my eyes widened when he showers me with his little kisses. 

"Hmm, I'm glad that my wife understands me. I want you to know that you complete me now. You and Harley. You're both meant to me. " I don't know if he's overreacted or what but I realized tonight that Evo wasn't just a private person but a scary one too. 

We slept together with relaxing minds. We both woke up early to book a flight going back to the Philippines. We lived in Cavite but my husband brought a new house for us at Alabang. It's a good and fresh start for Harley and me especially about being away from everyone who always laughs at us for being poor. 

Life wasn't easy for us when her father left me for heaven but she's a smart and diligent girl so I never had a problem when it comes to her studies and circle of friends. 

I was surprised when Evo ask me about her having a boyfriend. 

"What?", I made him repeat it while we were busy packing our clothes in the suitcase. 

" I said if Harley has a boyfriend!", his voice gets louder. 

I was terrified about his behavior again. 

"No, she didn't!  She's focusing on her studies. No boys until she graduated in college." I told him and he smiled. 

" Yeah, that's right. She's too pretty to get pregnant with some useless guys. 

"Yeah. She's mean to me and I don't want to let anyone ruin her life." I whispered. 

It was ten in the morning when we arrived at NAIA National Airport. When we came there, we were escorted by Evo's bodyguards to his car but we were blocked by the media. 

I saw a flash of lights in their cameras and it made my eyes hurt but when I stared at him, he was so familiar and confident in front of them. 

"Mr. Montero, how's a newlywed couple? May we know about your new wife's background? We heard that she's jobless, a single mom, and living in squatter areas in Cavite?", the reporters asked him, and hearing that information about me made me feel selfless. 

I turned around to see how he will handle the media and I was glad that he defended me from them. 

He ordered his guards to clear the way and talk back to the reporter who said crappy information about me.

" What's your name please?", he asked the reporter's name. 

She looks confused but then replied to him. 

" Jing Santos sir", she softly said. 

I turned around and see my husband making a smirk. 

"Well, you don't have to report on your work tomorrow because you're fired!", he said and all of the reporters were stunned and about to run after us but were already inside the car. 

I took a deep breath as we left the crowd. 

He took my hands and pressed them. I don't know why so I waited. 

" Starts from now, no one will look down and harm you, even Harley. They will respect both of you under my connections." He assured me and that's a relief. 

As we drove to Cavite, the smile on my face stays and it doubled when I saw my daughter outside our door waiting for us. All the neighborhood went outside to know who arrived. 

When I walked out of my husband's car, I heard murmurs from them. 




I overheard all of them but I don't care more because what matters to me is how I and my daughter gets out of this dirty and messy place. I'm sick of being backstabbed by them. I'm sick that they laughed at me and Harley when we need help. These people are all toxic and I am looking forward to having a new fresh start with Evo. I want a happy life and family. 

"Mom!", Harley ran towards us and hug me. 

" I miss you." She softly whispered. 

" I miss you too. Let's go." I said while holding her hands. 

She got confused.

"What do you mean by that? We're in our house." She said but I laughed at her and turned around to my husband. 

He came closer and informed her of the good news. 

" Hija, I just bought a new house for us. I and your mom are just got married and we're family, you're now my daughter!", I saw the excitement in Evo's eyes but when I turned back to meet my daughter's eyes, she don't look so happy about me it. 

"Oh, I see. Wait, what about our stuff? I'll go get them." She told us. 

"Just get all your school stuff and nothing more. Everything is set in our new home. Evo provides them all. Hurry sweetie, time to leave this place." I said and she went back inside to get her school materials. 


It's a success. We left our old home and now, welcome to our new home where we will start a new family again. 

Am I choosing the right path?

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