Chapter 2480

They still did not know? Sabrina was so anxious that her heart was in pain. She grabbed the doctor's hand. "Doctor, please…please tell me, is my sister…is my sister dead or alive? How badly injured is she? Just tell me alright? I'm begging you."

The doctor shook his head. "I..really don't know."

He sighed. "However, I can tell you that she had already been in the operation room for nearly six hours and she is still not out yet."

It has been nearly six hours. Was it that not the time Sabrina first gave Yvonne a call? In other words, Yvonne had met with a car accident right after Sabrina ended her call with her?

"That's not right!" Sabrina grabbed the doctor. "If it's according to what you had said, the time she met with the accident should be this morning. I happened to have given her a call at that moment. When I called her phone the second time, her phone was already switched off. I have been looking for her since then. I am very curious. If she had already met with an accident th
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