Chapter 2483

Over the years, Sabrina had rarely ever cried. However, she cried so inconsolably for Yvonne this time.

Sebastian's face was covered with a thick layer of murderous aura! No matter who it was, once the truth had been found out by Sebastian, he was certainly going to go on a killing spree this time! Sebastian had not been so vicious for many years. However, his thirst for blood was awakened once again this time.

"Now is not the time to cry. We have to wait for Yvonne to wake up." Sebastian comforted his wife.

Sabrina was still crying inconsolably. "Yvonne…what happens if Yvonne's face is disfigured?"

Sebastian shook his head. "She won't. She won't, Sabrina. Even if she is truly disfigured, I would also use all the medical technology in the whole world to restore her appearance."

Sabrina nodded heavily. Both of them looked toward the ICU together. Time passed so slowly. Both Sabrina and Sebastian did not sleep a wink for the entire night that night. They simply sat outside of the IC
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Denise Zerkle Skaggs
I'm ready to stop reading them all, I'm reading 5 and a chapter or 2aday. I'm paying for them why do I have to keep waiting. it's been months. I'm good enough
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Jac Lyn Owenby
This 2-3 chapters at a time is getting old. finish this book and start a new. Dragging this out with too many chapters is causing a loss of interest.

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