Chapter 2484

Sabrina said, "Yvonne, perhaps this is a misunderstanding?"

Yvonne shook her head. Her voice was very weak, hoarse, and hopeless. She also had a sense that she had seen through everything in life. "Sabrina, all this while, I had always admired you for being on the run for six years. I've admired you even more for never relying on your husband despite him being so powerful. Instead, choose to be self-reliant."

"What made me admired the most in the past was that Sebastian dotes on you so much, but you had never submitted to him. At this moment, I finally understood everything. You never wanted to be married into a wealthy family.

"That was because you had suffered enough hardships when you were living with the Lynn family during your childhood. The Lynn family was not considered a wealthy family, but they had already been filled with internal malicious conflicts to the point of plotting against one another? All wealthy families had always been despicable people since ancient times. I
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