Chapter 2487

'Because I have never suffered in my life. However, I believe it now.'

'Not only have I not suffered in the thirty years of my life, but I've tasted too much sweetness. Ever since my childhood, I've always been the apple of my parents, my uncle and aunt, and also my cousin's eye.'

'My parents, uncle, and aunt would buy me exquisite birthday gifts every year. Later, after my cousin grew up and started working, he would buy me birthday gifts as well.'

'It was smooth sailing for my college days as well. Later on, I started working, and everything was smooth in my job as well. I've never even had any obstacles.'

'Sabrina, do you know why I liked you so much the first time I laid eyes on you and then decided to be friends with you?'

'That's because when I first met you, I was particularly attracted to that melancholic temperament you had on you. It was because I had never suffered in my life before. Your melancholic temperament made me feel that it was a kind of beauty that was stunnin
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DaWanda Dawn
Why is this author teasing us, when this novel is at an exciting place???

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