Chapter 2625

"I'll say it again. This pile of shit can never be pinned on my sister and me. From a legal standpoint, we truly have no obligation to take care of you, this pile of shit! You're just our aunt!"

"You…you…you heartless son of a bitch!" Eevonne's mother said.

Eevonne, who was standing at the side, kept sneering when she saw that. To be honest, she never expected that her cousin would turn his back on her mother so quickly. It looked like her mother had loved and spoiled him too much that he did not value her, his aunt, at all.

Even the few police officers could not stand it anymore."They said that even a fair judge can't judge the matters among a family. Family matters are the hardest to manage. However, I have noticed the root of the problem as well. This indeed is a dispute among a family. However, as an aunt, you're too biased toward your maiden family, aren't you, madam? It's good that you have a good relationship with your siblings. That's a great thing for the family. However, y
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